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John Ross (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Harvest, March 17, 1994 - May, 1996.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the conceal and carry bill?
(a) It is upheld in the courts.
(b) It passes.
(c) It dies in the state Congress.
(d) It is struck down in the courts.

2. What have the feds focused on as a form of de facto gun control?
(a) Gun show admission.
(b) Phone tap gun dealers.
(c) Ammunition restrictions.
(d) Tracking money.

3. What does the Gutierrez family receive at the end of Chapter Two?
(a) Deportation papers.
(b) A damaged baby.
(c) A subpoena.
(d) A new gun.

4. What are Henry Bowman and his uncle concerned about, following Bobby Kennedy's murder?
(a) Race warfare.
(b) Social turmoil.
(c) Political instability.
(d) Restrictions on gun ownership.

5. Where does Buell Jenkins work?
(a) At Winchester's factory.
(b) At Irwin Mann's house.
(c) At Army headquarters.
(d) At Bowman's training facility.

Short Answer Questions

1. What talent saved Max Collins?

2. What does Henry Bowman tell Ray Johnson about the old paper money?

3. When does Irwin Mann have to flee?

4. Where did the wreck which Max Collins survived take place?

5. What does the third person tell Henry Bowman?

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