Objects & Places from Unintended Consequences

John Ross (author)
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This is a sporting goods store in St. Louis, Missouri, which Henry's extended family patronizes for knives and guns.

Stearman biplane

This craft was customized during World War II.


This is the college to which Henry Bowman went and where he earned degrees in geology and economics.


This is the agency charged with enforcing federal regulations regarding guns.


This is the federal agency charged with enforcement of legislation and regulations regarding air traffic, planes, and pilots.


This is the federal agency charged with protecting the air, water, and land from pollution by businesses and corporations.

Encryption Code

This is a device allowing spying into the computers of others.

Conceal and Carry Law

These are state laws that allow individuals to have weapons out of sight, but on their person.

2nd Amendment

This law in the Bill of Rights allows individual American citizens to...

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