Unintended Consequences Character Descriptions

John Ross (author)
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Henry Bowman

This person attends a premier private school and ultimately earns a degree in geology and economics.

Ray Johnson

This person is born in Colorado to a horse ranching family and demonstrates tremendous intellect early on.

Cindy Caswell

This person has grown up in an abusive household but is strong and independent.

Irwin Mann

This person lived in Poland during World War II and was relegated to the Warsaw Ghetto with other Jews.

Wlater Bowman

This person joined the Army Air Corps during World War II and was stationed in Florida as a trainer of pilots.

Max Collins

This person became a father figure to another character and is absent from the story once the violence begins.

Allen Kane

This person is a member of the gun culture, a licensed gun dealer, and manufacturer.

Alex Neumann

This person is an FBI agent, who is conflicted about the...

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