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Short Answer Questions

1. How many bathroom breaks does Katie need on the way to St. Leo?

2. What place does the robotics team convert into a mock version of where the actual robotics tournament will take place?

3. How many times does Chloe offer to work with Donovan to prepare for the retest to get into the Academy?

4. What kind of grades is Donovan getting once he is back at Hardcastle?

5. What does Jacey say when the students are talking about the robotics meet at the hospital while they wait for Katie to give birth?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Katie describe her pregnancy in "Unreal"?

2. In "Unreal," what does Donovan do when he returns from a bathroom break and sees Dr. Schultz in the robotics classroom?

3. What does Chloe say that Donovan did while he was at the Academy?

4. How do Katie and the students spend the time at the hospital before Katie is taken to the delivery room?

5. What do the judges decide about the robot meet?

6. What does Noah realize about himself and Donovan at the end of "Unsorry"?

7. How does Donovan describe going to speak to the insurance company executives with Dr. Schultz?

8. What type of damage did the robot suffer at the Valentine dance?

9. How do the Academy students help Katie outside of the Human Growth and Development class?

10. How does a study session with Chloe work out in "Untested"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Donovan gets his sister Katie to help with the Human Growth and Development class. What are Donovan's motives for asking Katie to help with the class? Does he have anything to gain from having her help?

Essay Topic 2

Donovan researches his family history. What answers is Donovan searching for when he researches his family history, and what does he hope to gain from his research?

Essay Topic 3

Donovan cannot believe how different the Academy is from Hardcastle. What does the incident with the paper airplane on the bus reveal about the way Academy students are treated and the way Hardcastle students are treated? Why are they treated so differently?

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