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Short Answer Questions

1. When did Classical Bronze Foundries, Inc., go bankrupt?

2. How many people like Donovan are found in his family ancestry?

3. Where does Beatrice spend her nights at Donovan's house?

4. During what time is there someone who is slightly like Donovan in his family history?

5. How much of the gym floor at Hardcastle was damaged by the globe from the statue of Atlas?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Donovan rescue Abigail at the dance?

2. Why does Chloe believe that being gifted has a cost?

3. How does the globe from the Atlas statue end up in the school gym?

4. Why does Mr. Osborne wonder why Donovan is at the Academy?

5. Why doesn't Abigail think that Donovan belongs at the Academy?

6. Why does Donovan think he is transferred to the gifted school?

7. What does Noah wear to the dance?

8. What does Chloe think about the suitability of the clothes in her closet for an outfit for the dance?

9. Where has Dr. Schultz looked for the piece of paper where he wrote the name of the boy who damaged the statue?

10. How is the gym decorated for the Valentine dance?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Donovan's friendships change the longer he is at the Academy. In what ways do Donovan's friendships change? Why does he feel begin to feel uncomfortable with the Daniels?

Essay Topic 2

Katie and Donovan hug for the first time in years after she learns he caused the damage at Hardcastle. What has the relationship been like between the two for the last few years? How and why does their relationship change with Donovan being at the Academy and Katie teaching there?

Essay Topic 3

Donovan knows he does not belong at the Academy. Why does Donovan accept the transfer if he knows he doesn't belong at that school?

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