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Essay Topic 1

Donovan damages a statue at school. What does the incident reveal about Donovan and his personality?

Essay Topic 2

Donovan researches his family history. What answers is Donovan searching for when he researches his family history, and what does he hope to gain from his research?

Essay Topic 3

Donovan knows he does not belong at the Academy. Why does Donovan accept the transfer if he knows he doesn't belong at that school?

Essay Topic 4

Chloe longs to be normal. How would Chloe define being normal, and why doesn't she think she or the other kids at the Academy are normal?

Essay Topic 5

Mr. Osborne cannot figure out why Donovan is at the Academy. What logic and reasoning does Mr. Osborne consider to justify why Donovan might be at the Academy? Why does Mr. Osborne work so hard to justify Donovan's presence at the Academy?

Essay Topic 6


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