Ungifted Character Descriptions

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Donovan Curtis

This character is impulsive, causes damage at his school, and is accidentally sent to a school for gifted kids.

James Donovan

This character survived the sinking of the Titanic.


This character is married to a serviceman serving in Afghanistan. She has moved back home because she is pregnant.


This character is a temperamental chow-chow dog.


This character is a member of the robotics club and eventually becomes the main character’s friend and ally.


This character is the most intelligent member of the robotics club, and possibly in the whole Academy.


This character is is proud of her intelligence and judgmental of others who are not as intelligent as she is.

Dr. Schultz

This character is the school superintendent.

Mr. Osborne

This character teaches the robotics class.

Ms. Bevelaqua

This character is the Academy’s math teacher.

The Two Daniels

These characters...

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