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Chapters 1-3

• Donovan Curtis tells why he is always in trouble.

• He is very impulsive and cannot resist certain situations.

• He ends up in detention for making derogatory comments about an upcoming basketball game.

• All the other kids have their crimes forgiven and are sent to pad attendance at the game.

• While Donovan is in detention, the two Daniels are outside in the bushes making faces through the window and trying to get Donovan to laugh.

• Mr. Fender is in charge of detention, and he wants to see the game.

• He leaves Donovan alone in the detention room.

• The two Daniels help him out the window, because they say that Mr. Fender has gone to watch the security feed of the game in the office.

• As Donovan passes a statue of Atlas holding a globe outside, he gets an irresistible urge to whack the statue with a tree...

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