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Jerome Corsi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Swiftees say that Kerry's actual nickname was in Vietnam?

2. What did O'Neill request from the Committee after hearing Kerry's testimony?

3. What was the normal length of one tour of duty in Vietnam?

4. Why does O'Neill think that Americans are uninformed?

5. Who has Kerry relied on to support his claims of "war crimes" committed by American troops in Vietnam?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were Kerry's reasons for choosing the Swift Boats to serve on?

2. What were the events surrounding the first Purple Heart medal that Kerry received, and why do the authors question its validity?

3. How did the debate between O'Neill and Kerry begin, and what was the outcome?

4. What was the conversation between Kerry and the Captain of an LST en route to An Thoi, and why do the authors dispute it?

5. Why is it important to understand when the problems between O'Neill and Kerry began?

6. How was Kerry awarded the Silver Star?

7. What did O'Neill first do to challenge Kerry on his testimony, and how did Kerry respond?

8. How did the assignment of the Swift Boats change, what was Kerry's response, and why did the other officers consider him to be a problem?

9. What question did Lt. Ted Peck ask of Kerry shortly after he returned home, and why is Kerry's response revealing?

10. What was the length of a normal tour of duty, how did Kerry's time in the war compare to it, and how did the other officers regard his actions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What was the open letter from the Swift Boat Veterans to John Kerry? Why was it announced, and what was its purpose? How did Kerry respond to the letter? Why was it significant that the letter was issued in 2004 and by Rear Admiral Hoffman? What is the importance of the number of signatures on the letter and who participated or endorsed it?

Essay Topic 2

Kerry's testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations is the catalyst for much of the book's objection to his ability to be the Commander in Chief.

1) Detail the statements made by Kerry, how they were perceived at the time, and why O'Neill and the other veterans objected to them so fiercely. Which ones were the most offensive or damaging? Why?

2) Who was the Committee made up of, and why was that important in their purpose and receptiveness to Kerry's testimony?

3) Who was responsible for writing Kerry's speech and how do Kerry's claims about it demonstrate his dishonesty?

Essay Topic 3

What was the exchange between Kerry and Ted Peck, and why did the authors think it was necessary to include it at the end of Part 1? How does Peck represent the general sentiment expressed by the soldiers at the time? How does Kerry represent the anti-war protesters? Why is the distinction between the two relevant to the main message in the book?

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