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Jerome Corsi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What years was Hoffman involved with the Swift Boats?

2. Which forests were the PCFs assigned to?

3. How many of the total number of Swiftess contacted declined to sign the open letter to Kerry?

4. How was John Edwards involved with Kerry in his presidential campaign?

5. What causes Hoffman to be concerned about Kerry with regards to his political goals?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the purpose of the open letter the Swift Boat Veterans issue to John Kerry?

2. Who is Roy F. Hoffman and why is his opinion regarded so highly?

3. Why were the Swiftees not surprised by Kerry's actions before the Swift Boat Veterans Reunion?

4. How much skepticism should be used when reading Unfit for Command, and how does the Introduction reduce or even eliminate it?

5. How did Kerry reportedly act during his cameo appearance before the Swift Boat Veterans Reunion, what do his actions display, and how did the Swiftees respond?

6. What is the reaction of Kerry at the Swift Boats Veterans Reunion in 2003 and why is it significant?

7. How do the authors plan to answer the questions they pose at the end of the Introduction, and are their methods effective?

8. Why do the authors make it a point to mention that their purpose for writing the book is not political?

9. How many people did not sign the Swift Boat Veterans' open letter to Kerry, how important is it, and what are some of the possible reasons they did not participate?

10. What is the main question that O'Neill and Corsi hope to answer about John Kerry, and what does the question mean?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

O'Neill's opposition to Kerry's actions began over 30 years before Unfit for Command was written.

1) Describe the circumstances for the basis of O'Neill's objections.

2) What were the circumstances surrounding the debate between O'Neill and Kerry, why did it take so long to schedule the event, and how was the venue chosen?

3) What was the end result of the debate? Why did the crowd react the way they did? What important suggestion does O'Neill make to the readers about the debate, and why? What does Kerry's lack of evidence in the debate illustrate with regards to the claims he has made against the military?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the exhibit that Bill Lupetti witnessed when he visited Vietnam. What are the most surprising things about the exhibit? How does it relate to the authors' description of Kerry and his overall qualifications to be the Commander in Chief?

Essay Topic 3

The Vietnam Veterans Against the War was a big part of Kerry's anti-war agenda and the start of his political ambitions.

1) How did the VVAW begin and why was Kerry chosen to be the leader?

2) Who were the primary members of the VVAW and why did their identities prevent their claims from being taken seriously?

3) Describe 3 events involving the VVAW that illustrate their motives and unethical actions.

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