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Jerome Corsi
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Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Swift Boat Veterans feel as a result of Kerry's cameo appearance and motives?

2. What type of account does O'Neill provide for the Swift Boat Veterans Reunion?

3. How many Swiftees served with Kerry during his tour?

4. Which forests were the PCFs assigned to?

5. What is the intent of Unfit for Command, as clearly stated by the authors in the introduction?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the difference between Joe Ponder's account of his injury and Kerry's account of the same incident, and how does O'Neill refer to Ponder's part in the reunion?

2. What is the reaction of Kerry at the Swift Boats Veterans Reunion in 2003 and why is it significant?

3. How is Lupetti's observation in Vietnam relevant to Kerry and the ideas about him that the book outlines?

4. How many signatures are on the open letter to Kerry by the Swift Boat veterans, and why is that important for the book's main point?

5. What is the general purpose of an Introduction, and how do O'Neill and Corsi use it to establish their intentions in Unfit for Command?

6. How many people did not sign the Swift Boat Veterans' open letter to Kerry, how important is it, and what are some of the possible reasons they did not participate?

7. What is the main question that O'Neill and Corsi hope to answer about John Kerry, and what does the question mean?

8. Who is Roy F. Hoffman and why is his opinion regarded so highly?

9. What inspired O'Neill and the other Swiftees to contact Kerry with regards to his actions in Vietnam and after the war was over?

10. What is the reason the authors do not use the word, "President", instead, referring to the position as the "Commander in Chief"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Kerry's actions in the sampan incident. What was the setting for it and why is that relevant? What should Kerry have done differently? What were the results of his actions and the significance of the people in the sampan? In an attempt to explain the situation, who does Kerry blame? How did Kerry report the incident and what were his reasons for doing so? Why is the sampan incident one of the most effective examples of how the authors' opinion of Kerry is substantiated?

Essay Topic 2

The authors cite the biased media as one of the reasons Kerry was allowed to hide his actions from the voters in 2004. They also make it clear that he is intentionally hiding his agenda from the American people in order to be elected.

1) How did the media play a role in the public perception of Kerry during the 2004 election? Why was the media sympathetic to Kerry's campaign? Were they just unaware of the information the Swift Boat Veterans provide in the book? Even after the book was released, what does it say about the media that many outlets still ignored Kerry's past actions?

2) Considering all of the information in the book, what does it say about the Democratic Party that they would nominate Kerry to be the Commander in Chief? Were they unaware of his actions?

3) The main problem the authors have with Kerry is that he was not forthcoming about his anti-war activities and deceptions during the war. Why is that a valid concern? How does Kerry's refusal to release his military documents prove O'Neill's point about their content? What would have happened if Kerry had been more upfront during the campaign about his past and possibly present views about the military? How would the voting have been affected?

Essay Topic 3

What was the open letter from the Swift Boat Veterans to John Kerry? Why was it announced, and what was its purpose? How did Kerry respond to the letter? Why was it significant that the letter was issued in 2004 and by Rear Admiral Hoffman? What is the importance of the number of signatures on the letter and who participated or endorsed it?

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