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Jerome Corsi
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Antiwar Protester.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kerry's gunner, Stephen Gardner, describe the sampan incident?
(a) Simply butchery.
(b) Simply murder.
(c) Senseless murder.
(d) Senseless butchery.

2. What were the people included in the "War Heroes" exhibit recognized for?
(a) Their support of the Chinese dictators.
(b) Their contributions to the North Vietnamese victory.
(c) Their contributions to communism.
(d) Their contributions to socialism.

3. What is the second sub-section of Part 1 of the book titled?
(a) The Purple Heart Thief.
(b) The Purple Heart Hunter.
(c) The Purple Heart Braggart.
(d) The Purple Heart Exaggerator.

4. Who accompanied Kerry during his previous cameo appearance at the Swift Boat Veterans Reunion?
(a) Other political officials.
(b) His vice presidential candidate.
(c) A camera crew.
(d) His biographer.

5. What was the result of Kerry's congressional run after the Dick Cavett Show?
(a) It was declared a draw.
(b) He failed.
(c) He withdrew from the race.
(d) He won.

Short Answer Questions

1. What image did Kerry and other liberals use Calley's conviction to paint of POWs?

2. In reality, who wrote Kerry's speech to the Committee?

3. Based on Kerry's report, what kind of knowledge did the U.S. Army have of these "atrocities"?

4. What state was the Swift Boat Veterans Reunion held in?

5. Why does O'Neill think Kerry agreed to serve in Vietnam?

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