Daily Lessons for Teaching Unfit for Command

Jerome Corsi
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)



Unfit for Command has a very clear objective. This lesson plan is about the Introduction, its purpose, and the intentions of the authors.


1) Class Discussion: What is the general purpose for an introduction? Why does it work in this type of book? What are some of the elements that should be included in a successful Introduction? Why did the authors choose to have an Introduction rather than go straight to the first part of the book? How does it prepare the reader for what is coming in the following sections?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take 15 minutes and write down 3 reasons for the Introduction in Unfit for Command. Afterward, talk about the answers and which ones represent the Introduction's purpose the most.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: The authors make their intentions well known in the beginning of the book. What are their objectives...

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