Unfit for Command Fun Activities

Jerome Corsi
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Fact or Fiction Game

One of the main themes of the book is the difference in Kerry's account of certain events as it compares to the accounts from the other officers who were there. Split the class up into partners. Each pair will take turns reading various statements from the book while the other person determines if they are fact or fiction.

Map It

Print out a map (or photocopy it from a book) of Vietnam and the surrounding areas. Draw a line indicating the Swift Boats' tour and write in some of the events at the different locations they were stationed at.

Recreate the Debate

In 1971, O'Neill and Kerry squared off in a debate on national television. Split the class up into groups of 3. Each group will recreate their debate with the members of the group assuming the roles of O'Neill, Kerry, and the host. Note cards...

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