Unfit for Command Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jerome Corsi
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• The authors, O'Neill and Corsi, make their intentions clear in proving why John Kerry is unfit to be the Commander in Chief.
• Two quotes are introduced to reflect the main idea of the book and set up for the analysis.
• A first hand account of the 2003 Swift Boat Veterans Reunion is given by O'Neill.
• Kerry's silent welcome at the reunion is described.
• Joe ponder, a disabled veteran, contradicts Kerry's account of his injuries with a memorable recollection of the battle.
• The opportunistic behavior of Kerry is questioned regarding his cameo appearance and photo op before the reunion.
• The 2004 press conference introduces an open letter from the Swift Boat Veterans to Kerry.
• Rear Admiral (Ret.) Hoffman declares the Swift Boat Veterans' issues with Kerry, indicating that he is a liar and a fraud.
• Bill Lupetti's trip to Vietnam reveals a "World Heroes" exhibit in the War Remnants Museum...

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