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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Lord of the Nazgul leave the Wormtongue alive?
(a) In the hopes it would harm Saruman
(b) Because it could sense Gollum
(c) It had struck a deal
(d) He pittied the creature

2. Who had Saruman been mistaken for while he was secretly visiting the Shire?
(a) King Theoden
(b) Sauron
(c) Bilbo Baggins
(d) Gandalf

3. Who comes to the aid of Gondor when the Wainriders attacks?
(a) Gandolf
(b) The Northmen
(c) Mordor
(d) The Shire

4. What are the Wainriders begin doing when they feel the battle is won?
(a) Gathering spoils of war
(b) Getting drunk
(c) Singing songs
(d) Throwing down their weapons

5. What location are the Nazgul searching for that is secret to them and to Sauron where the person who has the one ring comes from?
(a) Moria
(b) Rohan
(c) Gondor
(d) The Shire

Short Answer Questions

1. How many is Isildur's sons are traveling with him home?

2. Where does Nimrodel become lost?

3. With what race do the Drugs live with?

4. Who is it that rides Shadowfax and takes messages from the king to Grimbold and Elfhelm

5. Where does Cirion turn when Gondor is in trouble despite the distance and trouble getting carriers through?

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