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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens if a carving that a Drug creates is injured?
(a) It casts the Drugs soul to the netherworld
(b) The person who injured it will take on the injuries
(c) The person the carving was modeled after will be injured
(d) The carver must take on these injuries

2. Which of these is true of the Ringwraiths?
(a) They fear water
(b) They love to wear shoes
(c) They fear daylight
(d) They are unable to feel emotion

3. Who is it that saves Gollum from starving to death in while he was in the Moria mines?
(a) Nine Walkers
(b) Sam
(c) Aragon
(d) Gandalf

4. Who does Gandalf think could help kill Smaug?
(a) Sauron
(b) Saruman
(c) Bilbo
(d) Frodo

5. What does Grimbold see happening but is to late to stop?
(a) The death of Theodred
(b) The attack of Theoden
(c) The attack of Eomer
(d) The assalt on Helm's deep

Short Answer Questions

1. Who defeats Grima and frees the king?

2. Who comes to the aid of Gondor when the Wainriders attacks?

3. What two words did Gollum supposedly give Sauron?

4. What happens when Isildur tries to swim across the river?

5. What are the Wainriders begin doing when they feel the battle is won?

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