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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Androg have to break his bow and arrows?
(a) He lost a bet
(b) Because he shot Mim's son
(c) Because Turin got angry
(d) Androg couldn't go on with them

2. What thing doe Turambar say he must attempt to do even if it costs him his life?
(a) Fly on a giant moth
(b) Kill Glaurung
(c) Find the ring of power
(d) Kill Morgoth

3. What happens to Celebrimbor when he stands up to Sauron?
(a) He is taken prisoner
(b) He is turned into an orc
(c) He is shaved bald
(d) He is tortured and killed

4. What does Erendis choose to do when Aldarion returns to take the throne?
(a) To return to court and become queen
(b) To rebuild her family's home
(c) To take her daughter and run
(d) To remain in solitude

5. Why is Turin taken far from his home?
(a) Seeking safety from the coming war
(b) It is the custom and desire of the house
(c) To begin his training as king
(d) His parent's were divorcing

Short Answer Questions

1. The outlaws tell Mim that they will let him leave if he will leave something of his behind. What is it?

2. What does the name Niniel mean that Turambar gives to Nienor?

3. What occurrence makes Meneldur decide it is time for Aldarion to take the throne?

4. How many kings are listed in the Line of Elros?

5. Where does Aldarion desire more than being king?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Saruman decide to pay notice to the Shire?

2. Why is Thorin Oakenshield planning to kill Smaug?

3. Why has Grima been placed as the adviser to King Theoden?

4. What are some of the reasons that Saruman has a hatred for Gandalf?

5. Explain the effect that the Palantiri had on the user.

6. What was Turin's response when Brandir told him Nienor was dead?

7. What does Beleg believe regarding the bond between men and elves?

8. What did Cirion offer Eorl in return for coming to the aid of Cirion's kingdom?

9. What did Aerin do after the death of her Easterling husband?

10. What mistake does Saruman make after the death of Theoden during battle?

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