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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Turin's outlaw men first think the dwarfs to be that they shoot at?
(a) Something to eat
(b) The Boogeyman
(c) Orc Kin
(d) Bear

2. What occurrence makes Meneldur decide it is time for Aldarion to take the throne?
(a) Aldarion turns 21
(b) Meneldur takes ill
(c) a possible war
(d) a fued at court

3. What does Sauron convince Celebrimbor and the other craftsmen to do for him?
(a) Loose his bonds
(b) Serve his dark purposes
(c) Make a great sword
(d) Create the rings of power

4. What was the building used for that was built on Forostar?
(a) Teaching macrame
(b) Observing the Stars
(c) Studing Magical Arts
(d) Compiling maps of the world

5. What is Morwen told became of Turin?
(a) Joined with the dwarven army
(b) Died in battle
(c) Fell off his horse
(d) Died of illness

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Nienor unknowing lay down after running from the orcs?

2. Where does Turambar stab Glaurung?

3. How long is the second king, Vardamir Nolimon, said to have reigned before giving the throne to his son?

4. Rain is found wondering the woods by whom?

5. How do people travel on Numenor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which of the two endings seems most fitting to the Elessar story?

2. What are some of the Ringwraiths' weaknesses?

3. Explain the connection between the Elessar being a jewel that heals and the fact that it is made after the image of the sun and the green leaves.

4. What does Glaurung do to Nienor?

5. Why does Nienor go into the woods?

6. What does Beleg believe regarding the bond between men and elves?

7. What about Bilbo caused Thorin to refuse Bilbo Baggins' help at first?

8. What makes the History of Galadriel and Celeborn and of Amroth King of Lorien so full of inconsistencies?

9. Explain why after the move of the Eotheodian people, the messengers had to stop taking word from one kingdom to the other.

10. Why did Mim help the outlaws after he knew they had killed his son?

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