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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Enerdhil's trade?
(a) Stone carver
(b) Dancer
(c) Painter
(d) Jewel smith

2. Who defeats Grima and frees the king?
(a) Eomer
(b) Gandalf
(c) Gollum
(d) Theodred

3. How many of the Istari came to the land of men and elves?
(a) Sixty
(b) Five
(c) Ten
(d) Four

4. Who is it thought that the men who were going to attack Gondor most likely kin to?
(a) Wainriders
(b) Northmen
(c) Orcs
(d) Dwarfs

5. How does Isildur die?
(a) Orc arrows shoot him in the heart and throat
(b) His son kills him
(c) The ring drives him mad
(d) He is swallowed by a large dragon

6. What location are the Nazgul searching for that is secret to them and to Sauron where the person who has the one ring comes from?
(a) Moria
(b) Gondor
(c) The Shire
(d) Rohan

7. What did Ondoher do to his forces when the Wainriders attempt to carry out their plan's for Gondor's destruction?
(a) Gave them dangerous new weapons
(b) Set them at four different corners
(c) Gave them a rousing good speach
(d) Divided them into two groups

8. What does Isildur do when he returns home from the great war?
(a) Puts the tomb of Elendil upon Amon Anwar
(b) Holds a feast to mourn those dead
(c) Holds a feast to celebrate their victory
(d) Kisses his wife

9. What is said of the Elessar that Enderhil creates?
(a) It heals and makes things appear whole again
(b) It brings good fortune and healing powers
(c) It is fragil
(d) It brings your true love

10. How many of the six different messengers make it to Gondor?
(a) None
(b) Five
(c) Two
(d) One

11. Who controls King Theoden's mind?
(a) Saruman
(b) Grima
(c) Theodred
(d) Eomer

12. How many days does it take Eorl's troops to cover the vast number of miles to Gondor?
(a) Thirty-five
(b) Fifteen
(c) Sixty
(d) Forty

13. Who is allowed to visit the Amon Anwar?
(a) The queen
(b) Family of the deceased
(c) Visitors
(d) The king and the king's guests

14. What were the effects of the Palantiri on the men that used it?
(a) Mental strain
(b) Illness
(c) Physical fatigue
(d) A powerful hunger

15. Where does Cirion declare will be the meeting place?
(a) Gondor
(b) Amon Anwar
(c) Halifirien
(d) The Shire

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isildur send his squire away with when Isildur realizes he may not be able to get out alive?

2. How are the Drugs described?

3. What does Gandalf have that convinces the dwarfs of his sincerity?

4. Where does Nimrodel become lost?

5. What is the wood at Halifirien called?

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