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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Eorl take counsel with to decide if he was going to come to Gondor's aid?
(a) Himself
(b) His son
(c) His most loyal advisor
(d) His father

2. What happens when Eorl and his troops begin their journey that frightens them for a moment?
(a) They are covered in a white mist
(b) They are covered in locust
(c) They hear strange noises
(d) They hear the enemy

3. What must Nimrodel and Amroth cross over on the way to a land of peace?
(a) Sauron's home
(b) The Great Sea
(c) The Death Marshes
(d) The Great Desert

4. What does Gandalf have that convinces the dwarfs of his sincerity?
(a) A blade made by a dwarf
(b) An apple
(c) A piece of jewlery made by an ancient dwarf
(d) A map and a key

5. Which of the Istari was considered the most powerful by Cirdan?
(a) The Red
(b) The White
(c) The Grey
(d) The Blue

6. Who is it that rides Shadowfax and takes messages from the king to Grimbold and Elfhelm
(a) Gandalf
(b) Eomer
(c) Frodo
(d) Saruman

7. What happens when Isildur tries to swim across the river?
(a) He is swallowed by a large dragon
(b) He looses his way
(c) He looses the ring
(d) He forges how to swim

8. What two plannings does King Calimehatar learn that the Northmen and the Wainriders are going to attempt at the same time?
(a) An assassination and a raid
(b) A revolt and a raid
(c) A dance and a brunch
(d) An attack and an escape

9. Which character meddles with the Palantiri while with Gandalf?
(a) Bilbo Baggins
(b) Gollum
(c) Peregrin
(d) Frodo

10. What happened when a Drug made a carving of his father out of stone and then sat in meditation next to it?
(a) The Drug was hit to test the stone
(b) He became part of the wall
(c) Orcs came to destroy the carvings
(d) Both were thought to be stone

11. At the battle of the Fords who does Saruman tell the troops to kill at all cost?
(a) Eomer
(b) Theodred
(c) Gandalf
(d) Theoden

12. What did the Istari resemble?
(a) Elves
(b) Older human men
(c) Young human men
(d) Transparent visions

13. What location are the Nazgul searching for that is secret to them and to Sauron where the person who has the one ring comes from?
(a) Moria
(b) The Shire
(c) Rohan
(d) Gondor

14. How many of the Istari came to the land of men and elves?
(a) Sixty
(b) Ten
(c) Four
(d) Five

15. Which of these is true of the Ringwraiths?
(a) They love to wear shoes
(b) They are unable to feel emotion
(c) They fear water
(d) They fear daylight

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Saruman seize as his own?

2. What is the wood at Halifirien called?

3. What happens to Isildur's troops after thirty days of traveling?

4. What does Elendur beg his father to do when they are surrounded by the enemy?

5. With what race do the Drugs live with?

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