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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Eorl take counsel with to decide if he was going to come to Gondor's aid?
(a) His father
(b) His most loyal advisor
(c) His son
(d) Himself

2. For what creature do the Drugs hold a true hatred?
(a) Men
(b) Dwarfs
(c) Orcs
(d) Elves

3. Who is it thought that the men who were going to attack Gondor most likely kin to?
(a) Dwarfs
(b) Wainriders
(c) Northmen
(d) Orcs

4. What is the wood at Halifirien called?
(a) The Serenity Wood
(b) The Whispering Wood
(c) The Burning Wood
(d) The Singing Wood

5. What is Halifirien's significance to Gondor?
(a) Only the king can live there
(b) Westernmost beacon
(c) Ancient battles took place here
(d) Place of worship

6. What does Gandalf agree to in order that the hobbit is able to accompany the dwarfs?
(a) Gandalf cooks them a hearty meal
(b) Gandalf goes along also
(c) Gandalf gives them magical items
(d) Gandalf reads their futures

7. What happens when Eorl and his troops begin their journey that frightens them for a moment?
(a) They are covered in a white mist
(b) They hear the enemy
(c) They are covered in locust
(d) They hear strange noises

8. Who comes to the aid of Gondor when the Wainriders attacks?
(a) Gandolf
(b) The Shire
(c) The Northmen
(d) Mordor

9. What does Gandalf have that convinces the dwarfs of his sincerity?
(a) A piece of jewlery made by an ancient dwarf
(b) A blade made by a dwarf
(c) A map and a key
(d) An apple

10. What do the dwarfs think when they realize it is a hobbit that Gandalf wants to have help them defeat the dragon?
(a) They don't have an opinion about it
(b) They are glad to have the extra help
(c) They are mad that Gandalf thinks they need any help
(d) They think Gandalf is making fun of their size

11. What does Cirion do to Eorl?
(a) Makes Eorl a duke
(b) Makes him his heir
(c) Makes him a king
(d) Makes Eorl clean his boots

12. Why does Nimrodel refuse to marry Amroth?
(a) Amroth is a warrior
(b) Her father disapproves
(c) Nimrodel is to young
(d) Amroth's herritage

13. Who is in the possession of the Elessar when it is lost to Middle-earth?
(a) Earendil
(b) Enderhil
(c) Idril
(d) Sauron

14. What location are the Nazgul searching for that is secret to them and to Sauron where the person who has the one ring comes from?
(a) The Shire
(b) Gondor
(c) Rohan
(d) Moria

15. Who is it that saves Gollum from starving to death in while he was in the Moria mines?
(a) Sam
(b) Nine Walkers
(c) Gandalf
(d) Aragon

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character meddles with the Palantiri while with Gandalf?

2. What is one of the reasons that Sauron releases Gollum?

3. What will Saruman believe is Gandalf's intention in befriending those from the Shire?

4. What must Nimrodel and Amroth cross over on the way to a land of peace?

5. What two plannings does King Calimehatar learn that the Northmen and the Wainriders are going to attempt at the same time?

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