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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Isildur do when he returns home from the great war?
(a) Holds a feast to mourn those dead
(b) Puts the tomb of Elendil upon Amon Anwar
(c) Kisses his wife
(d) Holds a feast to celebrate their victory

2. With Elendil's grave gone what is the new name of Amon Anwar?
(a) Great Mound or Halofraden
(b) Tourist Park
(c) Great History or Histrofirien
(d) Holy Mount or Halifirien

3. Which of these is true of the Ringwraiths?
(a) They fear daylight
(b) They are unable to feel emotion
(c) They love to wear shoes
(d) They fear water

4. What happens when Eorl and his troops begin their journey that frightens them for a moment?
(a) They are covered in locust
(b) They hear strange noises
(c) They are covered in a white mist
(d) They hear the enemy

5. How many days does it take Eorl's troops to cover the vast number of miles to Gondor?
(a) Fifteen
(b) Thirty-five
(c) Sixty
(d) Forty

6. What craft do the Drugs possess that they are well known for?
(a) Carving in wood and stone
(b) Metal working
(c) Singing ballads
(d) Fighting and fencing

7. What did Ondoher do to his forces when the Wainriders attempt to carry out their plan's for Gondor's destruction?
(a) Divided them into two groups
(b) Gave them a rousing good speach
(c) Gave them dangerous new weapons
(d) Set them at four different corners

8. Where does Nimrodel want to be before she agrees to marry Amroth?
(a) A land of peace
(b) Amroth's family's home
(c) Disneyland
(d) Her family's home

9. What is one of the reasons that Sauron releases Gollum?
(a) Gollum has to go to the bathroom
(b) To lead Sauron to the ring
(c) He pitties Gollum
(d) Gollum promises to help him

10. What two people stand between Saruman and taking over Rohan?
(a) Gollum and Aragon
(b) Eomer and Bilbo
(c) Gandalf and Theodred
(d) Theodred and Eomer

11. What is Halifirien's significance to Gondor?
(a) Only the king can live there
(b) Place of worship
(c) Ancient battles took place here
(d) Westernmost beacon

12. How does Isildur die?
(a) The ring drives him mad
(b) His son kills him
(c) Orc arrows shoot him in the heart and throat
(d) He is swallowed by a large dragon

13. What can the Nazgul not disguise while they are searching in secret for the one ring?
(a) The chill that surrounds them
(b) The fear they cast
(c) The crackling noises
(d) The stench

14. Who is it that saves Gollum from starving to death in while he was in the Moria mines?
(a) Nine Walkers
(b) Sam
(c) Gandalf
(d) Aragon

15. What is Enerdhil's trade?
(a) Dancer
(b) Painter
(c) Stone carver
(d) Jewel smith

Short Answer Questions

1. What is said of the Elessar that Enderhil creates?

2. Where does Cirion turn when Gondor is in trouble despite the distance and trouble getting carriers through?

3. Who is in the possession of the Elessar when it is lost to Middle-earth?

4. What did the brooch resemble that Celebrimor set the second Elessar in?

5. Why did the Lord of the Nazgul leave the Wormtongue alive?

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