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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What craft do the Drugs possess that they are well known for?
(a) Fighting and fencing
(b) Singing ballads
(c) Carving in wood and stone
(d) Metal working

2. What did Saruman seize as his own?
(a) Rohan
(b) The Elessar
(c) Isengard
(d) Gondor

3. What location are the Nazgul searching for that is secret to them and to Sauron where the person who has the one ring comes from?
(a) Moria
(b) The Shire
(c) Gondor
(d) Rohan

4. What do the Wainriders become obsessed with planning?
(a) Gondor's fall
(b) Rohan's ascension
(c) Alliances with neighboring kingdom's
(d) Sauron's demise

5. What happens to Isildur's troops after thirty days of traveling?
(a) They reach the Dead Marshes
(b) They are attacked by orcs
(c) They fall suddenly ill
(d) Sauron attacks

6. What is said of the Elessar that Enderhil creates?
(a) It heals and makes things appear whole again
(b) It brings good fortune and healing powers
(c) It brings your true love
(d) It is fragil

7. How many of the six different messengers make it to Gondor?
(a) One
(b) Five
(c) None
(d) Two

8. What does Isildur do when he returns home from the great war?
(a) Puts the tomb of Elendil upon Amon Anwar
(b) Holds a feast to mourn those dead
(c) Kisses his wife
(d) Holds a feast to celebrate their victory

9. What happens to Ondoher and his son when the Wainriders attack?
(a) They scream
(b) They retreat
(c) They are killed
(d) They are taken prisoner

10. What two words did Gollum supposedly give Sauron?
(a) Baggins and Gandalf
(b) Shire and Baggins
(c) Shire and Ring
(d) Tuesday and Dancing

11. What happened when a Drug made a carving of his father out of stone and then sat in meditation next to it?
(a) He became part of the wall
(b) The Drug was hit to test the stone
(c) Both were thought to be stone
(d) Orcs came to destroy the carvings

12. Why did the Lord of the Nazgul leave the Wormtongue alive?
(a) It had struck a deal
(b) He pittied the creature
(c) In the hopes it would harm Saruman
(d) Because it could sense Gollum

13. What does Gandalf need to find a way to deal with?
(a) Sauron
(b) Frodo
(c) Sarumon
(d) Smaug

14. What was it that appeared that caused Nimrodel to agree to leave and marry Amroth?
(a) A band of orcs
(b) Nazgul
(c) A wraith
(d) A Balrog

15. Who comes to the aid of Gondor when the Wainriders attacks?
(a) The Northmen
(b) Mordor
(c) Gandolf
(d) The Shire

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is it that Gollum was able to loose the servants of Sauron?

2. What is the wood at Halifirien called?

3. Which of these is true of the Ringwraiths?

4. What does Cirion do to Eorl?

5. What can the Nazgul not disguise while they are searching in secret for the one ring?

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