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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elendur beg his father to do when they are surrounded by the enemy?
(a) Throw the ring away
(b) Give the ring to the enemy
(c) Swallow the ring
(d) Put the ring on and escape

2. Who did Eorl take counsel with to decide if he was going to come to Gondor's aid?
(a) His most loyal advisor
(b) His father
(c) Himself
(d) His son

3. Who is the leader of the Wizards?
(a) Saruman
(b) Gandalf
(c) Frodo
(d) Sauron

4. What is one of the reasons that Sauron releases Gollum?
(a) Gollum has to go to the bathroom
(b) To lead Sauron to the ring
(c) He pitties Gollum
(d) Gollum promises to help him

5. Why is Saruman afraid of both Gandalf and the Nazgul?
(a) Saruman is less powerful than either of these
(b) Saruman has seen a vision
(c) Saruman owes them both money
(d) Saruman is a traitor to both sides

6. Who does Gandalf think could help kill Smaug?
(a) Bilbo
(b) Sauron
(c) Frodo
(d) Saruman

7. What does Isildur do when he returns home from the great war?
(a) Kisses his wife
(b) Puts the tomb of Elendil upon Amon Anwar
(c) Holds a feast to mourn those dead
(d) Holds a feast to celebrate their victory

8. Who is it thought that the men who were going to attack Gondor most likely kin to?
(a) Dwarfs
(b) Northmen
(c) Wainriders
(d) Orcs

9. Who is allowed to visit the Amon Anwar?
(a) Visitors
(b) Family of the deceased
(c) The king and the king's guests
(d) The queen

10. What craft do the Drugs possess that they are well known for?
(a) Metal working
(b) Carving in wood and stone
(c) Fighting and fencing
(d) Singing ballads

11. Where is it that Gollum was able to loose the servants of Sauron?
(a) Dead Marshes
(b) Gondor
(c) Shire
(d) Moria

12. Where does Nimrodel become lost?
(a) Ered Nimrais mountains
(b) Orc camp
(c) Great Sea
(d) Dense forest

13. Who controls King Theoden's mind?
(a) Grima
(b) Theodred
(c) Eomer
(d) Saruman

14. When Sauron sends the Nazgul to look for the ring what does Sauron hope to make their mission look to be?
(a) To fight in the coming war
(b) To plan a coming out ball for Sauron
(c) To attack the leader of the elves
(d) To assist Saruman

15. What is said of the Elessar that Enderhil creates?
(a) It brings your true love
(b) It brings good fortune and healing powers
(c) It heals and makes things appear whole again
(d) It is fragil

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens if a carving that a Drug creates is injured?

2. With Elendil's grave gone what is the new name of Amon Anwar?

3. What did the Istari resemble?

4. How many days does it take Eorl's troops to cover the vast number of miles to Gondor?

5. What was it that appeared that caused Nimrodel to agree to leave and marry Amroth?

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