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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Cirion declare will be the meeting place?
(a) Halifirien
(b) Gondor
(c) Amon Anwar
(d) The Shire

2. What two words did Gollum supposedly give Sauron?
(a) Shire and Baggins
(b) Tuesday and Dancing
(c) Shire and Ring
(d) Baggins and Gandalf

3. Who does Gandalf think could help kill Smaug?
(a) Sauron
(b) Frodo
(c) Saruman
(d) Bilbo

4. What happens when Isildur tries to swim across the river?
(a) He looses his way
(b) He forges how to swim
(c) He looses the ring
(d) He is swallowed by a large dragon

5. When are the Ringwraiths the strongest?
(a) When they are nearest Sauron
(b) When they are in a group
(c) When they have the ring
(d) At night

6. What does Isildur send his squire away with when Isildur realizes he may not be able to get out alive?
(a) His family ring
(b) His sword Narsil that killed Sauron
(c) A letter to his wife
(d) His sons

7. What do the Wainriders become obsessed with planning?
(a) Sauron's demise
(b) Gondor's fall
(c) Rohan's ascension
(d) Alliances with neighboring kingdom's

8. With what race do the Drugs live with?
(a) Dwarfs
(b) Elves
(c) Hobbits
(d) Haleth

9. What reason caused Saruman to stop cooperating with the Council?
(a) His work for Sauron
(b) His desire for the ring
(c) He was busy on Tuesday
(d) His hatred of Gandalf

10. What does Isildur do when he returns home from the great war?
(a) Holds a feast to mourn those dead
(b) Puts the tomb of Elendil upon Amon Anwar
(c) Kisses his wife
(d) Holds a feast to celebrate their victory

11. Who is it that breaks the tradition of Amon Anwar that Isildur began?
(a) Frodo
(b) Isildur's son
(c) Cirion and Eorl
(d) Elendil

12. Who defeats Grima and frees the king?
(a) Gandalf
(b) Gollum
(c) Eomer
(d) Theodred

13. Where does Saruman decide to visit because of Gandalf's interest in the place?
(a) Rohan
(b) The Shire
(c) Gondor
(d) Moria

14. Which two of the Istari will have a rivalry that ends in the fall of one of them?
(a) Grey and Rainbow
(b) White and Red
(c) White and Grey
(d) Blue and Red

15. Why did the Lord of the Nazgul leave the Wormtongue alive?
(a) In the hopes it would harm Saruman
(b) It had struck a deal
(c) He pittied the creature
(d) Because it could sense Gollum

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Saruman seize as his own?

2. Who is it that saves Gollum from starving to death in while he was in the Moria mines?

3. What will Saruman believe is Gandalf's intention in befriending those from the Shire?

4. For what creature do the Drugs hold a true hatred?

5. When Sauron sends the Nazgul to look for the ring what does Sauron hope to make their mission look to be?

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