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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Turambar agrees to not leave Nienil for war except for what condition?
(a) To protect her
(b) He is called by his king
(c) He finds a pink sea snail
(d) He finds his mother

2. The first king listed, Elros Tar-Minyatur, stayed unwed until what age?
(a) Sixty years old
(b) Five hundred years old
(c) Ninety years old
(d) Four hundred and fourty two years old

3. What is the thought that makes Erendis happy that their first child is a girl?
(a) Aldarion had wanted a girl
(b) Erendis hates men
(c) Aldarion will stay to concieve a son
(d) The child is betrothed to a neighboring prince

4. Why does Androg have to break his bow and arrows?
(a) Because he shot Mim's son
(b) Androg couldn't go on with them
(c) Because Turin got angry
(d) He lost a bet

5. What happens when Turin is taken to Finduilas' grave?
(a) Turin falls into a trance
(b) Turin throws up
(c) Turin finds a ring belonging to Finduilas
(d) Turin begins to weap and morn

6. What do the people of Brandir do with the dragon's body?
(a) Ban the area where it lies
(b) Stuff it
(c) Burn it
(d) Bury it

7. What is done with the Three rings?
(a) Thrown into the volcano
(b) Given to the elves
(c) Given to Hobbits
(d) Burried in a secret place

8. How many kings are listed in the Line of Elros?
(a) Fifty
(b) Thirty-two
(c) Twenty-five
(d) Nineteen

9. What does Turin tell the people in Brethil about his past actions?
(a) They have cost him his family
(b) They have caused him pain
(c) They are unknown to him
(d) They have been evil

10. The outlaws tell Mim that they will let him leave if he will leave something of his behind. What is it?
(a) His son
(b) His comb
(c) His clothes
(d) His sack

11. What does Turin do to Brandir upon hearing that Niniel was Nienor and has killed herself?
(a) Kills Brandir
(b) Stabs the dragon's dead body
(c) Spits on Brandir
(d) Jumps off the same cliff

12. How long is the second king, Vardamir Nolimon, said to have reigned before giving the throne to his son?
(a) Sixty years
(b) One hundred and fourty eight years
(c) One year
(d) One hundred years

13. What reason does Brandir give Niniel to refuse Turambar's marriage proposal?
(a) Turambar's love for war
(b) Turambar's lowly station in life
(c) Turambar's other wives
(d) Turambar's lack of courage

14. Why does Mim say that they won't teach men about the roots that the dwarfs gather?
(a) Because men are allergic to them
(b) Because the effects of the plant are intoxicating
(c) Because the roots grow in a sacred secret place
(d) Because men are greedy and would kill all the plants

15. Why are Thingol's men looking for Turin?
(a) Thingol has taken ill
(b) To offer a pardon
(c) To tell him news of his mother
(d) To give him a sock he left

Short Answer Questions

1. How is AR-Pharazon, the last King of Numenor, described?

2. What happens when orcs attack the men Nienor is traveling with after her encounter with Glaurung?

3. Who is it after that Turin model's his desire to be a soldier?

4. Rain is found wondering the woods by whom?

5. What does Nienor do after learning she has married her brother?

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