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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aerin do after the fight in the hall to show her disapproval of Brooda's people, the Easterlings?
(a) Commits suicide
(b) Defecates on Brooda's throne
(c) Takes up arms and continues fighting
(d) Sets the hall on fire

2. Why does Niniel decide she will do if Turambar is killed by Glaurung?
(a) Kill herself
(b) Leave the village
(c) Marry Brandir
(d) Kill Glaurung herself

3. What do Turin's outlaw men first think the dwarfs to be that they shoot at?
(a) Bear
(b) The Boogeyman
(c) Something to eat
(d) Orc Kin

4. What does Erendis choose to do when Aldarion returns to take the throne?
(a) To return to court and become queen
(b) To rebuild her family's home
(c) To take her daughter and run
(d) To remain in solitude

5. The first king listed, Elros Tar-Minyatur, stayed unwed until what age?
(a) Five hundred years old
(b) Sixty years old
(c) Ninety years old
(d) Four hundred and fourty two years old

6. Where does Aldarion desire more than being king?
(a) Being at sea
(b) Chasing the women
(c) Watching the night sky
(d) Riding horses

7. Niniel finds Turambar's body next to Glaurung. When she screams for Turambar to awaken what happens?
(a) A wraith appears
(b) Glaurung stands up
(c) Glaurung opens his eyes and speaks to Niniel
(d) Turambar levitates

8. What does Glaurung tell Nienor that Turin did when faced with the dragon?
(a) Died of fright
(b) Ran away
(c) Killed himself
(d) Sided with the dragon

9. What does Mim offer to share with the outlaws so that he might live?
(a) His ideas on theology
(b) His gold
(c) His dwelling
(d) His supper

10. How did Brandir hope to keep the orcs from attacking his village?
(a) Building their home high in the trees
(b) Magic
(c) Planting traps near the village
(d) Secrecy and Silence

11. Why is Turin taken far from his home?
(a) It is the custom and desire of the house
(b) Seeking safety from the coming war
(c) His parent's were divorcing
(d) To begin his training as king

12. How does the fight end between Saeros and Turin?
(a) Turin stabs him with a sword
(b) Saeros is banished
(c) They agree to be friends
(d) Saeros jumps to his death

13. Turambar agrees to not leave Nienil for war except for what condition?
(a) He finds a pink sea snail
(b) To protect her
(c) He is called by his king
(d) He finds his mother

14. Who is it after that Turin model's his desire to be a soldier?
(a) Morwen
(b) Hurin
(c) Rambo
(d) Sador

15. Rain is found wondering the woods by whom?
(a) Santa's Elves
(b) Easterlings
(c) Grey-Elves
(d) Halflings

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the thought that makes Erendis happy that their first child is a girl?

2. When the village heard the screams from Glaurung what did they believe it meant?

3. What curse does Mim lay upon Androg?

4. What does the death of Glaurung do to Niniel?

5. Although Thingol tells Morwen that he cannot, what does he send with Morwen in secret?

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