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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aldarion's mother hope will get her son to stop thinking of the sea?
(a) a job in the royal courts
(b) a good horse
(c) a smart talking to
(d) a wife

2. What reason does Brandir give Niniel to refuse Turambar's marriage proposal?
(a) Turambar's love for war
(b) Turambar's lack of courage
(c) Turambar's other wives
(d) Turambar's lowly station in life

3. What does Sauron convince Celebrimbor and the other craftsmen to do for him?
(a) Make a great sword
(b) Create the rings of power
(c) Serve his dark purposes
(d) Loose his bonds

4. When Morwen was riding her horse through the confusion that Glaurung was causing with Thingol's men what was she yelling?
(a) Nienor
(b) Freedom
(c) Death
(d) Turin

5. Why are Thingol's men looking for Turin?
(a) To give him a sock he left
(b) To offer a pardon
(c) Thingol has taken ill
(d) To tell him news of his mother

6. Who is it after that Turin model's his desire to be a soldier?
(a) Morwen
(b) Sador
(c) Hurin
(d) Rambo

7. What does Turin do to show he places his family and his past actions behind him?
(a) Throws away all his possessions
(b) Cuts out one of his eyes
(c) Changes his name
(d) Shaves his head

8. Why does Morwen not go with Turin when she sends him to King Thingol?
(a) Morwen is ashamed of running
(b) Morwen is lazy
(c) Morwen is pregnant
(d) Morwen won't leave her home

9. What was the name of the last gate, the seventh gate, that Tuor and Voronwe must pass through?
(a) The Gate of Gold
(b) The Gate of Silver
(c) The Gate
(d) The Pearly Gates

10. What happens when Beleg finds the outlaws that Turin is riding with?
(a) Beleg is cooked
(b) Beleg is killed
(c) Beleg is dressed up like a girl
(d) Beleg is captured

11. What does Thingol do when Turin reaches his kingdom?
(a) Takes Turin as his foster son
(b) Thingol is to busy to ever meet Turin
(c) Makes Turin a page
(d) Gives Turin his own horse

12. Why does Saeros dislike Turin and torment him?
(a) Turin is a human
(b) Turin dishonored Saeros
(c) Saeros believes Turin cheated in a game
(d) Turin sucks his thumb

13. What happens to Celebrimbor when he stands up to Sauron?
(a) He is taken prisoner
(b) He is turned into an orc
(c) He is tortured and killed
(d) He is shaved bald

14. What does Turin tell the people in Brethil about his past actions?
(a) They are unknown to him
(b) They have caused him pain
(c) They have been evil
(d) They have cost him his family

15. How does Turin become the leader of a band of outlaws?
(a) Shows his family crest
(b) Kills the most orcs
(c) Kills their leader
(d) Flips a coin

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the death of Glaurung do to Niniel?

2. How long is the second king, Vardamir Nolimon, said to have reigned before giving the throne to his son?

3. What language did the kings take their name in as was the custom?

4. Where does Aldarion desire more than being king?

5. What does the name Niniel mean that Turambar gives to Nienor?

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