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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the fight end between Saeros and Turin?
(a) Saeros is banished
(b) Saeros jumps to his death
(c) They agree to be friends
(d) Turin stabs him with a sword

2. Which part of the island of Numenor has a cooler climate?
(a) Hyarnustar
(b) Orrostar
(c) Forostar
(d) Andustar

3. What thing doe Turambar say he must attempt to do even if it costs him his life?
(a) Kill Morgoth
(b) Find the ring of power
(c) Kill Glaurung
(d) Fly on a giant moth

4. What is it that covers much of Hyarnustar?
(a) The city dump
(b) Mountains
(c) A beautiful forest
(d) Vast crops

5. What does Glaurung tell Nienor that Turin did when faced with the dragon?
(a) Sided with the dragon
(b) Ran away
(c) Killed himself
(d) Died of fright

6. Why are Thingol's men looking for Turin?
(a) To offer a pardon
(b) Thingol has taken ill
(c) To give him a sock he left
(d) To tell him news of his mother

7. What reason does Brandir give Niniel to refuse Turambar's marriage proposal?
(a) Turambar's other wives
(b) Turambar's love for war
(c) Turambar's lowly station in life
(d) Turambar's lack of courage

8. What does Erendis choose to do when Aldarion returns to take the throne?
(a) To take her daughter and run
(b) To rebuild her family's home
(c) To remain in solitude
(d) To return to court and become queen

9. What is done with the Three rings?
(a) Burried in a secret place
(b) Thrown into the volcano
(c) Given to Hobbits
(d) Given to the elves

10. What does Glaurung do to Nienor?
(a) Kills her
(b) Erases all her memories
(c) Turns her into a toad
(d) Removes her ability to speak

11. What happen to the age of the Numenoreans when the Shadow came?
(a) They began to live longer lives
(b) They began to live shorter lives
(c) Thier life span more than doubled
(d) It is unknown

12. What is the reason that no one has ever built on Mittalmar?
(a) It contained deadly animals
(b) It was a place of worship
(c) It was used for crops
(d) It had evil gnomes

13. Why is Turambar reluctant to go into battle?
(a) His promise to Niniel
(b) The orcs are many in number
(c) The orcs are looking for him
(d) He has a bad back

14. What happens to Turin because of Saeros' death?
(a) Turin is banished
(b) Turin is sentenced to death
(c) Turin must pay a compensation to Saeros' family
(d) Turin has to wed Saeros' ugly sister

15. What do Turin's outlaw men first think the dwarfs to be that they shoot at?
(a) The Boogeyman
(b) Orc Kin
(c) Bear
(d) Something to eat

Short Answer Questions

1. Niniel finds Turambar's body next to Glaurung. When she screams for Turambar to awaken what happens?

2. What is the thought that makes Erendis happy that their first child is a girl?

3. What occurrence makes Meneldur decide it is time for Aldarion to take the throne?

4. Where does Turambar stab Glaurung?

5. What curse does Mim lay upon Androg?

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