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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunt for the Ring: The Journey of the Black Riders According to the Account that Gandalf Gave to Frodo.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The outlaws tell Mim that they will let him leave if he will leave something of his behind. What is it?
(a) His sack
(b) His clothes
(c) His son
(d) His comb

2. What does Turin tell the people in Brethil about his past actions?
(a) They are unknown to him
(b) They have caused him pain
(c) They have been evil
(d) They have cost him his family

3. What two plannings does King Calimehatar learn that the Northmen and the Wainriders are going to attempt at the same time?
(a) An assassination and a raid
(b) An attack and an escape
(c) A revolt and a raid
(d) A dance and a brunch

4. What happens to Turin's sister Urwen?
(a) She is kidnapped by orcs
(b) She stubs her toe
(c) She dies from an illness
(d) She is lost in the woods

5. What does Glaurung tell Nienor that Turin did when faced with the dragon?
(a) Sided with the dragon
(b) Ran away
(c) Died of fright
(d) Killed himself

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Aldarion desire more than being king?

2. What captures Meneldur's desire more than ruling his people?

3. What is it that covers much of Hyarnustar?

4. Who is it after that Turin model's his desire to be a soldier?

5. What was the building used for that was built on Forostar?

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