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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunt for the Ring: The Journey of the Black Riders According to the Account that Gandalf Gave to Frodo.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Niniel view Brandir despite the fact that he loves her?
(a) That he is very ugly
(b) That he is callouse
(c) That he is silly
(d) That he is a brother

2. How does Isildur die?
(a) Orc arrows shoot him in the heart and throat
(b) He is swallowed by a large dragon
(c) The ring drives him mad
(d) His son kills him

3. Why is Saruman afraid of both Gandalf and the Nazgul?
(a) Saruman has seen a vision
(b) Saruman is less powerful than either of these
(c) Saruman owes them both money
(d) Saruman is a traitor to both sides

4. Who did Eorl take counsel with to decide if he was going to come to Gondor's aid?
(a) His most loyal advisor
(b) His father
(c) His son
(d) Himself

5. What happens when Turin is taken to Finduilas' grave?
(a) Turin falls into a trance
(b) Turin finds a ring belonging to Finduilas
(c) Turin begins to weap and morn
(d) Turin throws up

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does it take Eorl's troops to cover the vast number of miles to Gondor?

2. What do the dwarfs think when they realize it is a hobbit that Gandalf wants to have help them defeat the dragon?

3. Why does Brandir pass his title of Lord to Turambar?

4. What happens to Isildur's troops after thirty days of traveling?

5. Where does Nienor unknowing lay down after running from the orcs?

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