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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cirion And Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan: The Ride of Eorl.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that covers much of Hyarnustar?
(a) Mountains
(b) A beautiful forest
(c) Vast crops
(d) The city dump

2. Why does Androg have to break his bow and arrows?
(a) Because Turin got angry
(b) Because he shot Mim's son
(c) He lost a bet
(d) Androg couldn't go on with them

3. What is said of the Elessar that Enderhil creates?
(a) It brings good fortune and healing powers
(b) It brings your true love
(c) It heals and makes things appear whole again
(d) It is fragil

4. What does Nienor respond with to the questions Turambar asks?
(a) Weeping
(b) An ancient dragon language
(c) Incoherent babble
(d) Yodeling

5. How does Niniel view Brandir despite the fact that he loves her?
(a) That he is a brother
(b) That he is silly
(c) That he is very ugly
(d) That he is callouse

Short Answer Questions

1. What was it that appeared that caused Nimrodel to agree to leave and marry Amroth?

2. What happens when Beleg finds the outlaws that Turin is riding with?

3. What was the building used for that was built on Forostar?

4. Why does Nimrodel refuse to marry Amroth?

5. What happens to Celebrimbor when he stands up to Sauron?

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