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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cirion And Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan: The Ride of Eorl.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Turambar reluctant to go into battle?
(a) He has a bad back
(b) The orcs are many in number
(c) His promise to Niniel
(d) The orcs are looking for him

2. What reason does Turin give for not jumping into the same waters as Nienor?
(a) It is to good a death for him
(b) It would defile them
(c) He loved the sea to much
(d) She wouldn't want him with her

3. Why does Morwen not go with Turin when she sends him to King Thingol?
(a) Morwen is lazy
(b) Morwen won't leave her home
(c) Morwen is pregnant
(d) Morwen is ashamed of running

4. Why was Aerin able to help Morwen?
(a) She was magical
(b) She had spies
(c) She was forced to marry Brooda
(d) She had won the lottery

5. What happens when orcs attack the men Nienor is traveling with after her encounter with Glaurung?
(a) She is captured and taken to Sauron
(b) She is wounded by an orc arrow
(c) She runs naked into the woods
(d) She is eaten

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Morwen convince the Easterlings of in order to protect her and her children?

2. Why does Brandir pass his title of Lord to Turambar?

3. What is Enerdhil's trade?

4. Who does Turin find that convinces him that it was Nienor that he had married?

5. Why does Androg have to break his bow and arrows?

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