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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner's Wife.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What curse does Mim lay upon Androg?
(a) Adrog will grow ill and die soon
(b) Androg will bury his own son some day
(c) To die if he ever picks up another bow
(d) Androg will get warts on his feet

2. What reason does Morgoth have for deciding to have Glaurung attack the village in Brethil?
(a) Morgoth needs that place for parking
(b) Morgoth's desire that all men will be enslaved
(c) Morgoth needs a new wife
(d) Morgoth believes a ring of power to be in the village

3. How did Brandir hope to keep the orcs from attacking his village?
(a) Secrecy and Silence
(b) Planting traps near the village
(c) Building their home high in the trees
(d) Magic

4. Who is the cripple man that talks to Turin and tells him about his mother and sister?
(a) Hurin
(b) Sador
(c) Saruman
(d) Morwen's brother

5. What happens when Turin is taken to Finduilas' grave?
(a) Turin throws up
(b) Turin begins to weap and morn
(c) Turin finds a ring belonging to Finduilas
(d) Turin falls into a trance

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Turin find has become of the people in his home of Dorlomin when he returns to look for his mother and sister?

2. What is the thought that makes Erendis happy that their first child is a girl?

3. Where does Nienor unknowing lay down after running from the orcs?

4. Which part of the island of Numenor has a cooler climate?

5. What does Turin tell the people in Brethil about his past actions?

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