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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through NARN I HIN HURIN The Tale of the Children of Hurin: The Death of Turin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is it after that Turin model's his desire to be a soldier?
(a) Sador
(b) Rambo
(c) Morwen
(d) Hurin

2. What does Morgoth wish to learn from Hurin?
(a) The ingredient in the special sauce
(b) The location of the one ring
(c) The person who is helping Rohan
(d) The secret location of Gondolin

3. What does Turin do to show he places his family and his past actions behind him?
(a) Cuts out one of his eyes
(b) Shaves his head
(c) Throws away all his possessions
(d) Changes his name

4. Where does Nienor unknowing lay down after running from the orcs?
(a) an orc camp
(b) Berthil's worship mound
(c) Brethil's borders
(d) Finduilas' grave

5. How did Brandir hope to keep the orcs from attacking his village?
(a) Magic
(b) Building their home high in the trees
(c) Secrecy and Silence
(d) Planting traps near the village

Short Answer Questions

1. When Turin saves the men of Brethil from the orcs what does he tell them his trade is?

2. Why are Thingol's men looking for Turin?

3. What does Mim offer to share with the outlaws so that he might live?

4. When Morwen was riding her horse through the confusion that Glaurung was causing with Thingol's men what was she yelling?

5. Who does Turin find that convinces him that it was Nienor that he had married?

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