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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through NARN I HIN HURIN The Tale of the Children of Hurin: The Death of Turin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Morgoth wish to learn from Hurin?
(a) The location of the one ring
(b) The person who is helping Rohan
(c) The ingredient in the special sauce
(d) The secret location of Gondolin

2. What was it that caused Turambar to faint and look as if he were dead next to Glaurung?
(a) Low blood-sugar
(b) Magic words Glaurung spoke
(c) The look from Glaurung's eyes
(d) The venomous blood from Glaurung's belly

3. When the village heard the screams from Glaurung what did they believe it meant?
(a) Glaurung had a cramp
(b) Morgoth was coming
(c) Glaurung had killed Turambar
(d) Turambar had killed Glaurung

4. What do Turin's outlaw men first think the dwarfs to be that they shoot at?
(a) Orc Kin
(b) Something to eat
(c) Bear
(d) The Boogeyman

5. What does Turin do to Brandir upon hearing that Niniel was Nienor and has killed herself?
(a) Jumps off the same cliff
(b) Stabs the dragon's dead body
(c) Spits on Brandir
(d) Kills Brandir

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the cripple man that talks to Turin and tells him about his mother and sister?

2. What reason does Turin give for not jumping into the same waters as Nienor?

3. What two things does Turin use to scare away the orcs he finds holding a group of men from Brethil?

4. What reason does Brandir give Niniel to refuse Turambar's marriage proposal?

5. Why does Brandir pass his title of Lord to Turambar?

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