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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through NARN I HIN HURIN The Tale of the Children of Hurin: The Journey of Morwen and Nienor to Nargothrond.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Glaurung do to Nienor?
(a) Removes her ability to speak
(b) Erases all her memories
(c) Kills her
(d) Turns her into a toad

2. What does Morgoth wish to learn from Hurin?
(a) The person who is helping Rohan
(b) The location of the one ring
(c) The secret location of Gondolin
(d) The ingredient in the special sauce

3. Why does Morwen not go with Turin when she sends him to King Thingol?
(a) Morwen is pregnant
(b) Morwen is ashamed of running
(c) Morwen won't leave her home
(d) Morwen is lazy

4. After Tuor escapes what does he want to go and find?
(a) Gandalf's Staff
(b) Frodo's Ruby Slipper
(c) House of Sauron
(d) Gate of Noldor

5. When Turin saves the men of Brethil from the orcs what does he tell them his trade is?
(a) A traveling musician
(b) A hunter
(c) A son of a king
(d) An orc slayer

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Turin become the leader of a band of outlaws?

2. What does Turin find has become of the people in his home of Dorlomin when he returns to look for his mother and sister?

3. What curse does Mim lay upon Androg?

4. What does Morwen convince the Easterlings of in order to protect her and her children?

5. Why does Saeros dislike Turin and torment him?

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