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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner's Wife.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Glaurung do to Nienor?
(a) Kills her
(b) Turns her into a toad
(c) Erases all her memories
(d) Removes her ability to speak

2. What happens when Turin is taken to Finduilas' grave?
(a) Turin falls into a trance
(b) Turin throws up
(c) Turin begins to weap and morn
(d) Turin finds a ring belonging to Finduilas

3. What was the name of the last gate, the seventh gate, that Tuor and Voronwe must pass through?
(a) The Gate of Gold
(b) The Gate
(c) The Gate of Silver
(d) The Pearly Gates

4. What happens to Turin because of Saeros' death?
(a) Turin is sentenced to death
(b) Turin has to wed Saeros' ugly sister
(c) Turin must pay a compensation to Saeros' family
(d) Turin is banished

5. What is Morwen told became of Turin?
(a) Fell off his horse
(b) Died of illness
(c) Died in battle
(d) Joined with the dwarven army

Short Answer Questions

1. What was it that caused Turambar to faint and look as if he were dead next to Glaurung?

2. How does Turin become the leader of a band of outlaws?

3. What does Turin do to Brandir upon hearing that Niniel was Nienor and has killed herself?

4. What does the name Niniel mean that Turambar gives to Nienor?

5. When Turin saves the men of Brethil from the orcs what does he tell them his trade is?

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