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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunt for the Ring: Other Versions of the Story.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the death of Glaurung do to Niniel?
(a) Forces her into a deep sleep
(b) Returns her memories as Nienor
(c) Makes her feel his pain
(d) Nothing

2. What does Turin do to Brooda that causes a fight in the hall?
(a) Runs Brooda through with a sword
(b) Slaps Brooda's face
(c) Breaks Brooda's neck
(d) Spits in Brooda's face

3. Who does Sauron hears has captured Gollum?
(a) Saruman
(b) Aragon
(c) Gandalf
(d) Frodo

4. What did Ondoher do to his forces when the Wainriders attempt to carry out their plan's for Gondor's destruction?
(a) Set them at four different corners
(b) Gave them dangerous new weapons
(c) Gave them a rousing good speach
(d) Divided them into two groups

5. Why does Androg have to break his bow and arrows?
(a) Androg couldn't go on with them
(b) Because he shot Mim's son
(c) Because Turin got angry
(d) He lost a bet

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mim say that they won't teach men about the roots that the dwarfs gather?

2. What language did the kings take their name in as was the custom?

3. What is Enerdhil's trade?

4. What is it that covers much of Hyarnustar?

5. When Sauron sends the Nazgul to look for the ring what does Sauron hope to make their mission look to be?

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