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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunt for the Ring: Other Versions of the Story.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the Wainriders begin doing when they feel the battle is won?
(a) Singing songs
(b) Getting drunk
(c) Gathering spoils of war
(d) Throwing down their weapons

2. Where does Aerin tell Turin that Morwen and his sister went?
(a) South away from Brooda's control
(b) To Morwen's family home
(c) On vacation
(d) The court of Thingol

3. What does Glaurung tell Nienor that Turin did when faced with the dragon?
(a) Died of fright
(b) Killed himself
(c) Ran away
(d) Sided with the dragon

4. What did the brooch resemble that Celebrimor set the second Elessar in?
(a) The gods of old
(b) The sun
(c) An eagle
(d) A pie pan

5. How do people travel on Numenor?
(a) Carriage
(b) Boat
(c) Walk
(d) Horseback

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Turin find has become of the people in his home of Dorlomin when he returns to look for his mother and sister?

2. What does Thingol do when Turin reaches his kingdom?

3. What happen to the age of the Numenoreans when the Shadow came?

4. With Elendil's grave gone what is the new name of Amon Anwar?

5. Why is Saruman afraid of both Gandalf and the Nazgul?

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