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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through NARN I HIN HURIN The Tale of the Children of Hurin: The Coming of Glaurung.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Morwen told became of Turin?
(a) Joined with the dwarven army
(b) Died in battle
(c) Fell off his horse
(d) Died of illness

2. What reason does Morgoth have for deciding to have Glaurung attack the village in Brethil?
(a) Morgoth needs that place for parking
(b) Morgoth needs a new wife
(c) Morgoth believes a ring of power to be in the village
(d) Morgoth's desire that all men will be enslaved

3. Who is the cripple man that talks to Turin and tells him about his mother and sister?
(a) Morwen's brother
(b) Hurin
(c) Sador
(d) Saruman

4. Although Thingol tells Morwen that he cannot, what does he send with Morwen in secret?
(a) A cell phone
(b) A horse
(c) Men to protect her
(d) A magical sword

5. Why does Morwen not go with Turin when she sends him to King Thingol?
(a) Morwen is lazy
(b) Morwen is pregnant
(c) Morwen won't leave her home
(d) Morwen is ashamed of running

Short Answer Questions

1. What curse does Mim lay upon Androg?

2. Why does Brandir pass his title of Lord to Turambar?

3. What does Turin find has become of the people in his home of Dorlomin when he returns to look for his mother and sister?

4. Why was Aerin able to help Morwen?

5. What thing doe Turambar say he must attempt to do even if it costs him his life?

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