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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the author call the voice of the Giants?
(a) Jackie Gleason.
(b) Russ Hodges.
(c) Bill Waterson.
(d) Frank Sinatra.

2. Which one of the following celebrities are at the game?
(a) Fatty Arbuckle.
(b) Dean Martin.
(c) Charlie Chaplin.
(d) Frank Sinatra.

3. What kind of company does Nick work for?
(a) A waste management company.
(b) A construction company.
(c) A car company.
(d) An insurance company.

4. What are Klara and her friends doing in the desert?
(a) Painting old aircrafts.
(b) Painting the sunset.
(c) Camping.
(d) Writing poems.

5. How does Cotter Martin get into the Giants Dodger game?
(a) Tunnels under a wall.
(b) Jumps over the turnstiles.
(c) Goes through a gap in the fence.
(d) Climbs over a wall.

6. What is the name of Cotter's father?
(a) Thanx.
(b) Manx.
(c) Peter.
(d) Dean.

7. What does Richard give his father before he drives to his friend's house?
(a) Dinner.
(b) Beer.
(c) Money.
(d) Medication.

8. What kind of ride do Nick and his wife enjoy in this section?
(a) A taxi ride.
(b) A hot air balloon ride.
(c) A limo ride.
(d) A glider ride.

9. What baseball team does Nick support?
(a) The Bears.
(b) The Giants.
(c) The Mets.
(d) The Dodgers.

10. What is the name of the Giant's manager?
(a) Bill Waterson.
(b) Leo Durocher.
(c) Russ Hodges.
(d) Dieter Bruegel.

11. How does Nick daughter's life change in this section?
(a) She finds a job.
(b) She has a baby.
(c) She gets married.
(d) She buys a house.

12. What is Condomology?
(a) A store that sells condoms.
(b) A sex shop.
(c) A movie theater.
(d) A TV studios.

13. Where does Nick's daughter Lainie live?
(a) Miami.
(b) New York.
(c) Phoenix.
(d) Tucson.

14. Where does Russ Hodges interview the players?
(a) In the commentary box.
(b) In the car lot.
(c) In the clubhouse.
(d) On the diamond.

15. What game is Matt interested in?
(a) Darts.
(b) Backgammon.
(c) Checkers.
(d) Chess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Lexus driver?

2. Why is Brian in Prescott?

3. What does Marvin tell Brian he has searched for from the Dodger Giants game?

4. Where does Marian meet Brian?

5. What does Nick stare at after his dream?

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