Underworld Character Descriptions

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Nick Shay

Through the years, this character has spent time in prison, traveled across country and finally settled down in Phoenix.

Klara Sax

A string of affairs and marriages have given this character enough material to become a celebrated artist.

Cotter Martin

This young boy has the time of his life at one of the biggest events of the 1950s only for it be ruined by a family member.

Matt Shay

Gives up a passion because he hates to lose, but later becomes successful in business.

Marian Shay

This drug-injecting character cheats on her spouse with his friend.

Manx Martin

At the end of this character's story, this character wonders what he can tell his or her's son after selling something that was close to his heart.

Rosemary Shay

She lives her life in the Bronx until she moves to Phoenix with Marian and Nick.

Brian Glassic


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