Underworld Character Descriptions

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Nick Shay - Through the years, this character has spent time in prison, traveled across country and finally settled down in Phoenix.

Klara Sax - A string of affairs and marriages have given this character enough material to become a celebrated artist.

Cotter Martin - This young boy has the time of his life at one of the biggest events of the 1950s only for it be ruined by a family member.

Matt Shay - Gives up a passion because he hates to lose, but later becomes successful in business.

Marian Shay - This drug-injecting character cheats on her spouse with his friend.

Manx Martin - At the end of this character's story, this character wonders what he can tell his or her's son after selling something that was close to his heart.

Rosemary Shay - She lives her life in the Bronx until she moves to...

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