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Prologue, pgs. 11-60

• Outside a ballpark, kids watching people enter suddenly charge through the turnstiles. Most of the kids are caught. Cotter is one of the first to succeed.

• Russ Hodges introduces the 1951 World Series between the Giants and the Dodgers.
• A man called Bill Waterson, a construction firm owner, starts talking to Cotter. Other people at the game include Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra and J. Edgar Hoover.

• Special Agent Rafferty approaches Hoover to tell him the Russians have just tested a nuclear bomb. Hoover decides to stay and watch the game.

• The Giants player Bobby Thomson wins the game with a home run.

• During the celebrations Cotter comes in possession of the baseball. He refuses to sell it.

Part I, Chapters 1-3, pgs. 63-100

• Nick Shay is driving through the desert to visit the famous artist Klara Sax. Now 57, he hasn't seen her since he was 17.

• Nick...

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