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Short Answer Questions

1. In the time after the printing press, which art form was obsessed with resemblance, light and color?

2. Which style of painting was an honest expression of the internal turmoil of artists?

3. What step puts it all together - edits the work for content, arrangement and composition?

4. The creation of work in any medium will follow a certain path containing how many steps?

5. In the time after printing was invented, when words and pictures appeared together, how were they combined?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 7, how does McCloud see, or define, art?

2. What are the advantages of color in comics?

3. What is an advantage of combining words and pictures together, as in comics?

4. Describe the typical artist who finds idea/purpose after creating art.

5. What was one result of the color printing used for superheroes?

6. In panels rich with images, why would an artist add words?

7. Describe the difference between the additive primaries and the subtractive primaries.

8. What three aspects of art benefit humans from an evolutionary standpoint?

9. What are the disadvantages of color in comics?

10. How can words and pictures together create a more meaningful message than each individually?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Many symbols are used in comics to convey the invisible, such as emotions and feelings. What is required for the creation of a symbol, such as wavy lines representing smell? What is required for this symbol to be sustained over time?

Essay Topic 2

McCloud explains how you introduce time in comics by way of the depiction of time and the perception of time. Compare and contrast the two strategies. Does a preponderance of one or the other affect the end outcome?

Essay Topic 3

McCloud notes that diagrams are comics, but they do not label themselves as such. How important are labels? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? How does the context that diagrams are presented in make them different from other comics?

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