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Short Answer Questions

1. Which color is NOT a subtractive primary?

2. What step puts it all together - edits the work for content, arrangement and composition?

3. What Scottish physicist isolated the three additive primaries?

4. Who came up with the first symbols to record certain commodities?

5. What is the core of a work of art?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does the six-step path need to be completed in a specific order?

2. In panels rich with images, why would an artist add words?

3. How can a word balloon vary?

4. What problem results from people believing that comics is a new form of media?

5. Describe the origin of words.

6. Describe the process of creating art using the six-step path.

7. Why was the four-color process created?

8. What are the advantages of color in comics?

9. How can an artist depict emotion in a comic?

10. Why do people think words and pictures together is more simplistic than either art individually?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Scott McCloud used to have a poor impression of comics. When he was older, his friend convinced him to give comics another chance and he was hooked. Think about something you once hated, but not loved (or loved and now hate). Describe your previous and current impressions. What possible explanations can you think of for the change of heart? Was your first impression based off incorrect or partial knowledge? Did you change as a person?

Essay Topic 2

Eastern and Western approaches to art differ. In graphic arts, for example, Western art often focuses attention to foreground objects only while Eastern art emphasizes both the foreground and the background of negative space. Argue the merits of shortcomings of each approach.

Essay Topic 3

The author notes that comics are not the hybrid of graphics and words. What do you think of this statement? Are comics their own entity? Or do they tend to fall into one category more than the other? Explain your answer

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