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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following contributed to the shift in resemblance towards meaning in art?

2. One property of flat colors is a tendency to emphasize the _____ of animate and inanimate objects

3. Which blatantly expressionistic artist created The Underground?

4. Which of the following is not a benefit from non-basic human activities such as art?

5. Who said, "Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What problem results from people believing that comics is a new form of media?

2. How can a word balloon vary?

3. Does the six-step path need to be completed in a specific order?

4. Describe the typical artist who finds idea/purpose after creating art.

5. How does McCloud feel about color and comics?

6. What was one result of the color printing used for superheroes?

7. Why was the four-color process created?

8. How can an artist depict emotion in a comic?

9. How can words and pictures together create a more meaningful message than each individually?

10. What three aspects of art benefit humans from an evolutionary standpoint?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Art can be thought of as any human activity that doesn't grow out of either basic instinct of survival and reproduction. How do you define art? According to this definition, what are examples of what is and isn't art?

Essay Topic 2

McCloud writes that when he was a child, he believed that the world ceased to exist unless he was present. As he grew older, he began filling in gaps with assumptions in order to get closure. What are strategies and evidence we use to convince ourselves of the existence of things we have not experienced first hand? To test these definitions, consider whether they would stand up to the question of whether extraterrestrial life exists.

Essay Topic 3

McCloud explains how you introduce time in comics by way of the depiction of time and the perception of time. Compare and contrast the two strategies. Does a preponderance of one or the other affect the end outcome?

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