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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Show and Tell.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Comic panels break up which of the following?
(a) Sound and movement
(b) Time and space
(c) Time and sound
(d) Space and consistency

2. What transition stays within a scene or idea and requires more closure from the reader in order to find the transition meaningful?
(a) Non-sequitur
(b) Subject-to-subject
(c) Action-to-action
(d) Scene-to-scene

3. Who was the first artist to present specific motions in a panel-to-panel form?
(a) Duchamp
(b) Tezuka
(c) Herge
(d) Topffer

4. Most Japanese comics first appear published in __________________.
(a) parts
(b) thin publications
(c) manga magazines
(d) enormous anthology titles

5. In a single image, what can you use to add words without introducing time?
(a) Silent captions
(b) Sound exclamations
(c) Dialogue bubbles
(d) One-word reply

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose uneven lines pantomimed the inner struggles of modern life?

2. How does McCloud loosely define cartooning?

3. Which of the following can lengthen the pause between panels?

4. What is a powerful force that happens between the panels that allows viewers to use their imagination?

5. Which of the following icons are fluid and variable in how realistic they are?

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