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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Time Frames.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What invention had a significant effect on comics?
(a) Colored ink
(b) Recycled paper
(c) Printing
(d) Ballpoint pens

2. Which artist was the first to depict motion by using a single line?
(a) Topffer
(b) Duchamp
(c) Tezuka
(d) Herge

3. What is not one of the vertices of the triangular pictorial vocabulary?
(a) Picture Plane
(b) Language
(c) Reality
(d) Map

4. What determines the duration of time and dimensions of space in a panel?
(a) The size
(b) The contents
(c) The sequence
(d) The shape

5. What does McCloud call the "ultimate abstraction?"
(a) Pictographs
(b) Movies
(c) Ideas
(d) Words

Short Answer Questions

1. What transition requires deductive reasoning and transports the reader across significant distances of time and space?

2. Who observed that a non-visual awareness occurs when people interact with inanimate objects?

3. Which of the following is true?

4. What genre cannot exist in comics?

5. Who painted "The Treachery of Images?"

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