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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does James think stole his copy of Breteuil's book that he had been working on?
(a) Lefty.
(b) Sammy.
(c) Dave.
(d) Magdalen.

2. Who was intent on hearing the orator's speech, so he silenced James when James intended to talk?
(a) Finn.
(b) Dave.
(c) Hugo.
(d) Lefty.

3. Who is brought along on James' reconnaissance mission to find the stolen manuscript?
(a) Hugo.
(b) Anna.
(c) Finn.
(d) Sadie.

4. What does James tell one of the guards, which eventually lets James onto the property?
(a) He will kill the dog.
(b) He likes movies.
(c) He is the cousin of Hugo.
(d) He is a friend.

5. James got along well with the young nurses, but the _________ were still skeptical of him at his job.
(a) Nuns.
(b) Other janitors.
(c) Men.
(d) Doctors.

Short Answer Questions

1. As night approached, James realizes that it was a national holiday. What holiday was being celebrated?

2. Into whose room does James try to sneak in the middle of the night, much to the displeasure of the patient?

3. Who did James see walking up to Hugo's with Lefty Todd in order to get Hugo's stuff?

4. After Hugo left, James walked the streets of ___________, thinking about all of the things that he had heard.

5. Magdalen tells James there is a man willing to pay him an immediately _________ pounds and then 150 pounds indefinitely.

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