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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did James realize about the house when he decided to leave to find Hugo?
(a) The house was Anna's.
(b) The house was on fire.
(c) The doors were all locked.
(d) He didn't know where he was.

2. Lefty Todd was the eccentric leader of the New Independent ______________.
(a) Socialists.
(b) Communists.
(c) Capitalists.
(d) Fascists.

3. Where do the men decide to head out for a brief dip in the water?
(a) Thames.
(b) Green Park.
(c) Serpentine.
(d) St. James Park.

4. What does James come to find out when he arrives where Anna and he were supposed to meet up?
(a) The theater has been demolished.
(b) Anna is dead.
(c) Hugo is waiting for him.
(d) Sadie is waiting for him.

5. Dave believes the house will not stand the two of them who are _______________________.
(a) Cultured snobs.
(b) Shameless fools.
(c) Neurotic messes.
(d) Lazy fools.

Short Answer Questions

1. James concluded that Sadie must be ___________ about the stalking situation, so he agreed to help.

2. James was surprised that Hugo would _____________ with all of these treasures in his house.

3. The sheer improbability of __________ being in love with Sadie was very high, according to James.

4. What was being tested in the clinic that James and Hugo were both involved in?

5. Who does Anna have a singing act with, as James fondly recalls?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does James notice in the middle of the top shelf when he wakes up in the chair at Sadie's?

2. What happens to the company that Hugo had inherited from his parents in this book?

3. What did James find upon arriving at Hugo's flat during his wanderings around town?

4. What does James buy on his way to see Sadie as he passes a shop on Oxford Street in this book?

5. Why finally convinced James that it would be okay to be Sadie's bodyguard in this book?

6. What is the reason for the festivities in Paris on the day that James contemplates the way he turned down the job?

7. What do Lefty and James realize about each other the more they talk to each other?

8. What did the group of men find when they got to the fourth level in the building where Hugo was supposed to be?

9. Why did the guard eventually let James into the film studio where Hugo is working in this book?

10. Why does Sadie want James to move into her house a little earlier than he expected?

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