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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sadie wants James to move into her house a bit earlier to protect her from her boss, _____________.
(a) Belfounder.
(b) Finn.
(c) Sammy.
(d) Tommy.

2. Left spends his evening drilling ____________ on his political views, while Dave and Finn go elsewhere.
(a) James.
(b) Hugo.
(c) Everyone.
(d) Sammy.

3. Who does James recognized Sadie's boss to be, even though he has taken on a new name?
(a) Hugo.
(b) Dave.
(c) Sammy.
(d) Lefty.

4. What happened as a result of the conversations between Hugo and James?
(a) Hugo wrote a book.
(b) Hugo moved in with James.
(c) James fell in love with Hugo.
(d) James wrote a book.

5. A high pitched chattering sound made the men think that Hugo was having a _____________.
(a) Party.
(b) Deep conversation.
(c) Bird problem.
(d) Problem with the fans.

6. What happens to get the men asked to leave the building by authorities?
(a) Lefty launches into song.
(b) Lefty gets out spray paint.
(c) Lefty strips.
(d) James passes out.

7. James began to work on his ___________, but he eventually fell asleep doing so.
(a) Paintings.
(b) Manuscripts.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Belongings.

8. Mrs. Tinckman has never taken a sip of the ____________ that James keeps behind the counter.
(a) Gin.
(b) Vodka.
(c) Whisky.
(d) Brandy.

9. What does James find that explains why Anna was not able to meet him?
(a) A bouquet of flowers for him.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A note to someone else.
(d) A note addressed to him.

10. Where does James discover that Sadie is when he arrives at her house to meet with her?
(a) The theater.
(b) Salon.
(c) A cottage.
(d) The States.

11. Lefty and James begin to realize they are both ____________ and have more in common than originally thought.
(a) Bored.
(b) Socialists.
(c) Communists.
(d) Lazy.

12. Anna lets James know she has had an ____________ that she doesn't like, but can not turn down.
(a) Offer.
(b) Amnesty.
(c) Argument.
(d) Engagement.

13. When James arrives at Sadie's, she tells him that she is dreadfully late for the ___________.
(a) Studio.
(b) Nail appointment.
(c) Salon.
(d) Flight.

14. Lefty Todd was the eccentric leader of the New Independent ______________.
(a) Capitalists.
(b) Communists.
(c) Fascists.
(d) Socialists.

15. Whose name was mentioned in a conversation, making James stop what he was doing and listen in?
(a) Hugo.
(b) Sadie.
(c) Lefty.
(d) Anna.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was being tested in the clinic that James and Hugo were both involved in?

2. What does the other person in the room with James have in his hand?

3. James shares the biscuits and other goodies he has taken from ____________ flat with the other men in the group.

4. James decided all there was to do was to ____________ with Lefty.

5. James was not insulted by the offering of Sammy, but he did need the ____________.

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