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Chapter 1

• James translates French novels into English for a living, though he is a writer.

• James is being kicked out of where he's staying.

• James goes to Mrs. Tinckman's shop and then to Dave's house.

Chapter 2

• Dave is having a number of people over at his house when James arrives.

• Finn suggests James contact Anna.

• James sets out to find Anna after getting her address from a Soho club owner.

Chapter 3

• James goes to the address on the card to find Anna.

• Anna is working at an amateur acting company.

• Anna refuses to discuss love.

• James might be able to watch Sadie's flat while she was in the states.

Chapter 4

• James goes to find Sadie at the salon.

• Sadie offers to allow James to stay with her now as her boss is stalking her.

• Hugo and James used to have a relationship until James wrote a story about...

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