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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the visitor arrive at Laruelle's house?
(a) Because he had to drop off some medicine.
(b) Because they have a card game every Wednesday night.
(c) Because he had a doctor's appointment.
(d) Because he wants to check on the consul.

2. What does Hugh do when he gets to the hotel with Yvonne and the consul?
(a) Orders room service.
(b) Takes a nap.
(c) Goes swimming.
(d) Takes a shower.

3. Why do Yvonne and Hugh make fun of the waitress at the hotel?
(a) Because she is laughing at really bad jokes.
(b) Because she has poor English.
(c) Because she keeps spilling everything.
(d) Because she is a bad waitress.

4. Why do Yvonne and Hugh become upset during dinner?
(a) Because the consul is drinking again.
(b) Because of some unruly patrons at the next table.
(c) Because the consul refuses to speak in English anymore.
(d) Because the waitress keeps messing up their food.

5. What final reason does Yvonne give about why she wants to leave Laruelle's home?
(a) Because she is not feeling very well.
(b) Because her mother is calling her on her cell phone.
(c) Because she has had a vision and needs to see her son immediately.
(d) Because she wants to see the Day of the Dead festivities.

6. Who jumps into the arena during the bullfight?
(a) The consul.
(b) Hugh.
(c) Yvonne.
(d) Quigley.

7. How has the consul reacted to Yvonne's childhood dreams?
(a) He supports them.
(b) He says he supports her but then sabotages all her efforts behind her back.
(c) He uses his connections to help her.
(d) He refuses to hear about them.

8. Who gets on the bus when it stops for a bathroom break?
(a) The local mayor.
(b) A famous musician.
(c) A man who has obviously been mugged.
(d) Someone who then takes the bus hostage.

9. What kind of feeling does Yvonne have while searching for the consul in the storm?
(a) One of peace and calm.
(b) One of extreme joy.
(c) One of great luck.
(d) One of foreboding.

10. What Biblical allusion does the consul use after the trio's bus ride?
(a) The birth of Jesus.
(b) The story of the plagues.
(c) The story of Job.
(d) The story of Joshua.

11. In his internal dialogue, to what does the consul compare staying at Laruelle's home?
(a) A nice, relaxing massage.
(b) Drowning.
(c) Flying.
(d) Hell.

12. What does the consul imagine seeing while he listens to Hugh and Yvonne at the hotel?
(a) Angels.
(b) People from his past.
(c) Demons.
(d) Famous people.

13. What does Yvonne notice during the bus ride with the consul and Hugh?
(a) Movie posters.
(b) All the handsome men without girlfriends.
(c) All of the cute children.
(d) How handsome the consul is.

14. Who does the consul have sex with on his way up the mountain?
(a) No one -- this is a trick question.
(b) A whore.
(c) An old girlfriend.
(d) Yvonne.

15. What does Yvonne think would prove healing for the consul?
(a) Quiet.
(b) None of these answers is correct.
(c) Privacy.
(d) Privacy and quiet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What small charge do the police accuse the consul of?

2. How could Hugh, the consul, and Yvonne's visit to Laruelle best be described?

3. What does Hugh buy as he and Yvonne are searching for the consul?

4. What does Lowry describe the train (that the bus passes) as doing during its rest in the landscape?

5. What does the consul think he sees as the bus passes a park?

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