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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal do Hugh and Yvonne keep passing during their excursion together?
(a) The same goat.
(b) A very slow turtle.
(c) A rattlesnake.
(d) A dead dove.

2. What is the consul attempting -- albeit badly -- to impress Yvonne with?
(a) His money.
(b) His power.
(c) His elegance.
(d) His self control.

3. What does Yvonne notice during the bus ride with the consul and Hugh?
(a) Movie posters.
(b) How handsome the consul is.
(c) All the handsome men without girlfriends.
(d) All of the cute children.

4. For what company does Hugh work?
(a) <i>The London Globe.</i>
(b) <i>The Boston Globe.</i>
(c) <i>The Madrid Daily.</i>
(d) <i>El Mundo.</i>

5. Why do Yvonne and Hugh become upset during dinner?
(a) Because the consul refuses to speak in English anymore.
(b) Because the waitress keeps messing up their food.
(c) Because the consul is drinking again.
(d) Because of some unruly patrons at the next table.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was "Under the Volcano" written?

2. How old is Hugh?

3. How does the consul remember his childhood?

4. How does Yvonne feel about the item that the mailman brings to Laruelle's house while she is over?

5. What does the mailman bring to Laruelle's house while Yvonne, Hugh, and the consul are visiting?

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