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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Maximilian?
(a) Yvonne's secret lover.
(b) The man who robs Hugh and Yvonne.
(c) Hugh and Yvonne's secret son.
(d) A conqueror.

2. How long is Hugh gone on the ship?
(a) Just a week.
(b) Several years.
(c) One year to the day.
(d) Several months.

3. Who is the author of "Under the Volcano"?
(a) Janet Lowry.
(b) Malcolm Lowry.
(c) Anonymous.
(d) Malcolm X.

4. What does the consul remember after he leaves Quincey's house?
(a) That he was supposed to get flowers for Yvonne.
(b) That he hurt his ankle pretty badly the night before.
(c) That he meant to give Quincey some money.
(d) That he had planned to go out of town.

5. Why must Yvonne and the consul pass up an invitation from the doctor?
(a) Because of his failing health.
(b) Because they burn the food they are supposed to bring.
(c) Because they are too poor to travel there.
(d) Because Yvonne is too distraught over her missing child.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Yvonne first find the consul upon her return to Quauhnahuac?

2. What day is it when the novel opens?

3. What is the first theory Yvonne thinks about regarding the meaning of the word "Quauhnahuac"?

4. What does the consul constantly hear in his head?

5. Where do Yvonne and Hugh end their ride together?

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