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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the second theory Yvonne thinks about regarding the meaning of the word "Quauhnahuac"?
(a) That just uttering the word can give you magical powers.
(b) That it means volcano of joy.
(c) That it means where the eagle stops.
(d) That it means land of green snakes.

2. Whose house do Yvonne and the consul pass on their way home upon her return?
(a) Yvonne's mother's.
(b) Laruelle's.
(c) Hugh's.
(d) The mayor's.

3. What interrupts Yvonne and the consul's first conversation upon her return to Quauhnahuac?
(a) Other people yelling.
(b) An annoying housemaid.
(c) The sound of sirens going by.
(d) Musicians outside the bedroom window.

4. What is unique about the book the bartender returns to Laruelle in Chapter 1?
(a) It is written in Greek.
(b) It had also been lent to the consul.
(c) None of these items is correct.
(d) It is very, very old.

5. What does the consul continue to point out to Yvonne during their walk home the day she returns?
(a) Familiar landmarks.
(b) Places his friends used to live before they all died.
(c) Sites of great battles that he won.
(d) The many buildings that he owns.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the author of "Under the Volcano"?

2. What does the doctor advise Laruelle to do when they depart in Chapter 1?

3. Where does the novel begin?

4. For what company does Hugh work?

5. When did Laruelle first meet the consul?

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