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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long is Hugh gone on the ship?
(a) One year to the day.
(b) Several years.
(c) Several months.
(d) Just a week.

2. What large gift does Yvonne bring to the consul upon her return?
(a) A very large statue of himself in military dress.
(b) A very large statute of herself in a beautiful gown.
(c) This is a trick question -- she doesn't bring him a large gift.
(d) A very large statue of the child that they had that died.

3. What does Hugh do in his earlier years in an attempt to elevate his celebrity?
(a) Take a vow of silence for 6 months.
(b) Refuse to get paid for his concerts.
(c) Marry a very famous actress.
(d) Take a job much beneath him.

4. Why does the consul briefly consider switching alcohols after he has fallen down?
(a) To save money.
(b) Because of its rumored vitamin properties.
(c) Because his favorite movie star drinks it in the movies.
(d) Because he wants to try Yvonne's favorite drink.

5. What does Yvonne do once she arrives back at the consul's house?
(a) Takes a bath.
(b) Leaves immediately.
(c) Starts breaking dishes.
(d) Throws herself off the balcony.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Hugh hoping his music career would bring him?

2. Who invites Yvonne, Hugh, and the consul into his house after they all leave together?

3. What animal does Hugh rent for him and Yvonne during their walk?

4. Who is Yvonne?

5. What job does Hugh take after being at sea?

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