Under the Volcano Character Descriptions

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Dr. Arturo Duaz Vigil

As the town's medical professional, this person is asked to help another character with a drinking problem.

M. Jacques Laruelle

This person, who is French, relocates to Mexico, only to discover a childhood playmate.


"Under the Volcano" centers on the final day of this person, who leaves the British navy in disgrace and takes a seemingly pointless appointment in a small, Mexican town. He lives with a brother and has an ex-wife.


This character was born in Hawaii and had married once before she met the character who is now her ex-husband. Although she is now divorced, she returns in the novel to try to save her ex-husband from his drinking ways.


Another character's brother, this person spends much time traveling because he is a reporter. He wishes, however, that he were a famous songwriter.

Sr. Bustamente

This character works as...

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