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Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the two men from the Francher group that escaped?

2. When did Dianna become unhappy with her marriage to Ron?

3. Brigham Young was picked partially because of his beliefs on ______.

4. Why did the Laffertys decide to abandon the rest of their plan?

5. What was the Illinois governor's one condition for the cease-fire?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Lee's prophecy? Would any good have come from it being fulfilled?

2. Do Brenda's sisters have any regrets in retrospect? What and why?

3. Was there any effort made by Mormons to cover up any Mormon involvement in the Mountain Meadow Massacre?

4. According to the prosecution in his trial, why was Ron NOT insane?

5. Why were Smith and Hyrum's killers not brought to justice?

6. Why was Dan the more active participant in the murders rather than Ron?

7. Why was Warren Jeffs unpopular? What were people's predictions of the outcome of his leadership?

8. Why was Ron Lafferty's first conviction thrown out?

9. Why did the Saints join the Confederacy?

10. Why was Bringham Young chosen to be the new prophet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Krakauer discusses the Mountain Meadow Massacre to discuss a darker and more indiscernible side of the Mormon Church. Krakauer carefully describes the order of events of the massacre and circumstances, but doesn't offer a clear explanation. Using the facts provided by Krakauer, why do you think this event took place? Why did these men take these actions? Why was the Francher group the target? What did this event mean for the Church?

Essay Topic 2

As a group, the youth of the LDS has had both a positive and a negative role in Mormonism. Discuss this dual role for the LDS youth. Why is the youth group popular with some, yet criticized by others?

Essay Topic 3

Krakauer discusses the long history of tensions between Mormons and the states they settled in. Discuss the causes and resolutions for these conflicts. How did the displacement of Mormons through several states affect the current make-up of their organization and attitude?

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