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Short Answer Questions

1. What was historic about Woodruff's leadership?

2. What did Rulon Jeffs believe about himself?

3. What were people afraid of after Rulon's death?

4. Why did Onias value the Lafferty brothers?

5. Why did Young choose to settle near the Great Salt Lake?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Ron Lafferty's first conviction thrown out?

2. What caused the split in the LDS?

3. According to the prosecution in his trial, why was Ron NOT insane?

4. How did the Lafferty brothers get the idea to murder Brenda?

5. Why was Young very popular among other Mormons?

6. How did Taylor's leadership of the LDS contradict his predecessors?

7. Do Brenda's sisters have any regrets in retrospect? What and why?

8. Why was Warren Jeffs unpopular? What were people's predictions of the outcome of his leadership?

9. Why was Dan the more active participant in the murders rather than Ron?

10. What was Dan's conviction in carrying out the murders?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although he is discussing the history if the Mormon Church, Krakauer discusses that the idiosyncrasies of the LDS are reflected in many other religions. What is the effect of Krakauer's comparisons to other religions? What statement is he trying to make?

Essay Topic 2

Smith was the original founder of the LDS. Many can still relate to him today, thus continuing the popularity of the Mormon Church, according to Krakauer. Discuss Smith's road to creating the Mormon Church. Do you agree with Krakauer as to why Smith is still popular today?

Essay Topic 3

Surrounding Ron's trial, the biggest dilemma was Ron's insanity plea. The courts were concerned about how Ron's verdict would affect the future of cases like his own. Luckily for the justice system, Ron refused a guilty plea. Discuss the gravity of an insanity plea for Ron's case. Why would it be negative for the justice system? Why was Ron resistant to it?

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