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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Krakauer, what makes people today able to identify with Smith?

2. According to the Latter Day Saints, why did Moroni leave them gold?

3. What effect did the strict regulations on sex in fundamentalist communities have, according to Debbie?

4. How was Smith finally able to read the gold plates?

5. At the School of the Prophets, what practice did Crossfield attempt to reinstate in his students?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the potential problems with the LDS recognizing personal revelations? Was it possible to correct these problems?

2. According to Krakauer, how different are modern and fundamentalist Mormons?

3. According to the Prologue, did the Lafferty brothers feel justified in their actions? How and why?

4. What does Krakauer see as "strange" about the road to Smith's revelation?

5. Why were the relations between Missourians and Mormons strained?

6. Why was the LDS most appealing to Americans?

7. What caused Dan Lafferty's trouble with the law? Was this compensated for in any way through religion?

8. Why was Crossfield excommunicated? How much of the LDS rejected him?

9. What was the relevance of the Dream Mine to the School of the Prophets?

10. Why did Debbie Palmer and Flora Jessop act as they did?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

DeLoy Bateman, a former member of the LDS became an atheist after his excommunication. At the end of Krakauer's book, DeLoy discusses his views on the Mormon Church. Discuss and compare DeLoy and Krakauer's views on religion and how it DeLoy adopted and changed his position with God through his life. What does Bateman display about men and the Mormon faith and men and other religions?

Essay Topic 2

Krakauer's account of Dan shows him swinging from reluctantly participating in the murders to becoming the main perpetrator. Dan also would shift from being his brother's biggest victim to his strongest opponent. Discuss the duality of Dan Lafferty. What were his motives for his actions? Where were Dan's loyalties?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the relevance of the title "Under the Banner of Heaven."

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