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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did fundamentalists see accepting government funds as a virtuous act?

2. Why did Flora Jessop flee her home?

3. Where did Dan first become introduced to the idea of polygamy?

4. Whose will did Dan and Ron believe they were carrying out?

5. Why did Rockwell try to kill Missouri's governor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Debbie Palmer and Flora Jessop act as they did?

2. How did Taylor's leadership of the LDS contradict his predecessors?

3. Did Woodruff fall in line with his predecessors' beliefs for the LDS, or did he contradict them? How?

4. Why was Ron Lafferty hostile to the judge at his trial?

5. How were the LeBaron children and Lafferty children similar?

6. According to Krakauer, do modern Mormons believe the old ways will come back? What do they believe and why?

7. What was Dan's conviction in carrying out the murders?

8. How is the Lafferty family described?

9. Even after being tried and convicted, did Dan still comply with Ron? Explain their relationship in jail.

10. Why was Joseph Smith charged with fraud? How did his treasure business compare with his religious revelation?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Krakauer's account of Dan shows him swinging from reluctantly participating in the murders to becoming the main perpetrator. Dan also would shift from being his brother's biggest victim to his strongest opponent. Discuss the duality of Dan Lafferty. What were his motives for his actions? Where were Dan's loyalties?

Essay Topic 2

Smith was the original founder of the LDS. Many can still relate to him today, thus continuing the popularity of the Mormon Church, according to Krakauer. Discuss Smith's road to creating the Mormon Church. Do you agree with Krakauer as to why Smith is still popular today?

Essay Topic 3

The Lafferty family's actions are what developed the inspiration for Krakauer's exploration into the Mormon Church. They represent fanaticism and fundamentalism in more concrete terms for the reader. Discuss how the effect of the Lafferty family fleshes out the church's history which Krakauer provides. Who are the Laffertys? What are they supposed to represent?

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