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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Ron's attitude at his first trial?
(a) He as quiet and patient.
(b) He was sobbing and apologizing.
(c) He was strong and defensive.
(d) He was verbally abusive to the judge.

2. After Brenda's death, what does her sister regret?
(a) Not warning her.
(b) Encouraging her to go back to Allen.
(c) Not saying goodbye.
(d) Marrying into the Lafferty family.

3. How did the Mormon Church become bankrupt around the time of Taylor's death?
(a) Financing wars.
(b) Legislation passed by the government.
(c) Taylor's contribution to charity.
(d) The leaders' reckless spending.

4. Why does Dan decide to turn back to Brenda's house after their first attempt?
(a) He forgot his glasses.
(b) He got a feeling he was supposed to.
(c) He wanted to reason with her.
(d) He was angrier with her than before.

5. Why did the LeBaron bothers go on a killing spree?
(a) To please their father.
(b) They were insane.
(c) To make money.
(d) To please God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the Illinois governor's one condition for the cease-fire?

2. Why did Mormons join the Confederacy?

3. Where were Ron and Dan driving to at the end of Part 3, Chapter 16?

4. Smith did NOT leave his followers with guidelines on ______________.

5. Taylor held his beliefs long after _________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were Smith and Hyrum's killers not brought to justice?

2. What was Dan's conviction in carrying out the murders?

3. Why was Ron Lafferty hostile to the judge at his trial?

4. Why were people hesitant about allowing Ron to plead insanity? What potential problems could arise?

5. How were the LeBaron children and Lafferty children similar?

6. How did Brenda realize the truth of the family she married into?

7. Did Woodruff fall in line with his predecessors' beliefs for the LDS, or did he contradict them? How?

8. Why did the events of July 24th unfold as they did?

9. Why was Young very popular among other Mormons?

10. How responsible was Allen for Brenda's murder?

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