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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the doctors find about Ron while examining him before his second trial?
(a) He wasn't competent to stand trial.
(b) He was playing mind games.
(c) He was mentally competent.
(d) He had a rare disease.

2. Why did Dame decide to do away with the emigrants?
(a) They were good fighters.
(b) They hadn't heard from Young.
(c) He'd been told by God.
(d) He was tired of the stand-off.

3. Why were some nervous about allowing Ron to use an insanity plea?
(a) It could make others sympathetic to him.
(b) It could change the way religion was handled in court.
(c) He would be found innocent.
(d) It would give Ron a superiority complex.

4. What was Woodruff's stance on polygamy?
(a) He was against it.
(b) He supported it.
(c) He hadn't taken a stance yet.
(d) He felt it was a personal choice.

5. What would have been the benefit of Ron using an insanity plea?
(a) He could have acted however he wanted.
(b) He wouldn't be given the death sentence.
(c) He would've had more publicity.
(d) He would have been more sympathetic.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Ron able to convince Dan to help him in his murder plan?

2. Why didn't the Laffertys kill Chloe Low?

3. Why did Ron saw off the barrel of a shotgun?

4. What changed in Dan during his road trip with Ron?

5. After attempting to knock Brenda unconscious, what does Ron want to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Salt Lake City the center for Mormons today?

2. Why was Ron Lafferty's first conviction thrown out?

3. What was the pivotal plight of the Lafferty brothers that caused the murders?

4. Did Woodruff fall in line with his predecessors' beliefs for the LDS, or did he contradict them? How?

5. How did Taylor's leadership of the LDS contradict his predecessors?

6. Why did the Saints join the Confederacy?

7. How were the LeBaron children and Lafferty children similar?

8. Why did the events of July 24th unfold as they did?

9. Was Colonel Dame involved in the Mountain Meadow Massacre? How so?

10. What was Lee's prophecy? Would any good have come from it being fulfilled?

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