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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were people afraid of after Rulon's death?
(a) There would be conflict between sects of the LDS.
(b) The church would go bankrupt.
(c) The new leader would lead them astray.
(d) The government would kick them out.

2. What was historic about Woodruff's leadership?
(a) It cause unity in the church.
(b) It angered the government.
(c) It established Salt Lake City.
(d) It caused the split in the church.

3. What did Noel Gardner and Richard Wootton explain about Ron's actions?
(a) He believed he was killing his father by killing Brenda.
(b) He wanted attention by whatever means necessary.
(c) He was acting out an interpretation of what he'd been taught as a child.
(d) He was a fanatical believer in God.

4. What made Allen different than his brothers?
(a) He'd always been fundamentalist.
(b) He never married.
(c) He hadn't converted to fundamentalism.
(d) He was adopted.

5. After changing his beliefs, Woodruff told his followers polygamy was a ______ principle.
(a) Arbitrary.
(b) Optional.
(c) Godly.
(d) Evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Knapp and Carnes explain that they felt _____ after the murder.

2. Why did Dianna ask Ron to try to convince his brothers to abandon their new beliefs?

3. What did the Mormon people need in their struggle that Young offered them?

4. What was the most emotionally difficult aspect of the trial for Brenda's family?

5. What was the result of Ron's meeting with his brothers?

Short Essay Questions

1. Was Colonel Dame involved in the Mountain Meadow Massacre? How so?

2. Why were Smith and Hyrum's killers not brought to justice?

3. Were the Native Americans to blame for the Mountain Meadow Massacre?

4. Why was Bringham Young chosen to be the new prophet?

5. Why did the events of July 24th unfold as they did?

6. Why did the Saints join the Confederacy?

7. Why was Ron Lafferty hostile to the judge at his trial?

8. Was there any effort made by Mormons to cover up any Mormon involvement in the Mountain Meadow Massacre?

9. Why were people hesitant about allowing Ron to plead insanity? What potential problems could arise?

10. How responsible was Allen for Brenda's murder?

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