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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Smith sued by his clients for fraud?
(a) The treasure was fools gold.
(b) He never found any treasure.
(c) He promised them eternal life.
(d) He lied about his identity.

2. Why couldn't Smith read the inscription on the gold plates?
(a) It was written in Egyptian.
(b) It was written in old English.
(c) It was too bright out.
(d) It was worn.

3. According to Krakauer, what makes people today able to identify with Smith?
(a) He's depicted as a real person with flaws.
(b) He left video tapes for his future followers.
(c) He made strides in eliminating racism.
(d) He predicted the future.

4. Fundamentalists believed the government was an entity of _______.
(a) Satan.
(b) God.
(c) Smith.
(d) Europe.

5. Why did Matilda stay with Dan, despite her issues with his religious practices?
(a) He threatened her.
(b) She needed money.
(c) She felt she needed to learn from him.
(d) She agreed with his beliefs for the most part.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Smith change in his rules for the Mormon Church because of Crossfield?

2. What did Crossfield teach his students at the School of the Prophets?

3. Which text was responsible for many of the Laffertys' marriages falling apart?

4. What was the result of Robert Crossfield's revelation?

5. When did Dan Lafferty's life begin to fall apart?

Short Essay Questions

1. What caused the end of Smith and Law's friendship?

2. According to Krakauer, how different are modern and fundamentalist Mormons?

3. Does Krakauer believe taking funds from the government is hypocritical of fundamentalist Mormons? What is their justification?

4. According to Palmer, why was Elizabeth Smart an easy target?

5. Why was Joseph Smith charged with fraud? How did his treasure business compare with his religious revelation?

6. According to Krakauer, why is Joseph Smith still appealing to people today?

7. What caused Dan Lafferty's trouble with the law? Was this compensated for in any way through religion?

8. Why did Joseph Smith return to Illinois?

9. Was Smith obedient with the angel Moroni? What was the outcome?

10. Was Smith a polygamist? According to whom?

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