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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which text was responsible for many of the Laffertys' marriages falling apart?
(a) The Psalm of the School of the Prophets.
(b) The Peace Maker.
(c) The Book of Mormon.
(d) Onias' autobiography.

2. Why did Dan give up his driver's license and stop paying taxes?
(a) He wanted to prove his love for God.
(b) He lost all his money.
(c) He was following the early teachings of Mormon.
(d) He was living in the wilderness.

3. How was Allen Lafferty related to Brenda?
(a) He was her cousin.
(b) He was her husband.
(c) He was her brother.
(d) He was her father.

4. How did non-Mormons feel about the beliefs printed in the Book of Mormon?
(a) Offended.
(b) Elated.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Interested.

5. What did Crossfield teach his students at the School of the Prophets?
(a) How to rebel against the Latter Day Saints.
(b) How to have personal revelations.
(c) How to praise God.
(d) How to reason with politicians.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Debbie Palmer, what made Elizabeth Smart an easy target for abduction?

2. After DeLoy was excommunicated, why did the Mormon Church try to sue him?

3. According to the Latter Day Saints, why did Moroni leave them gold?

4. When Linda was asked about her life with Green, her husband, what did she say?

5. Why did Mormons settle in Missouri?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Krakauer build his story?

2. Why was Joseph Smith charged with fraud? How did his treasure business compare with his religious revelation?

3. According to Palmer, why was Elizabeth Smart an easy target?

4. What is Section 132? Why was it important to Smith?

5. Why did Leavitt bring Green to trial?

6. What is Krakauer's intention with "Under the Banner of Heaven"?

7. Was Smith a polygamist? According to whom?

8. According to the Prologue, did the Lafferty brothers feel justified in their actions? How and why?

9. Why were the relations between Missourians and Mormons strained?

10. Why was DeLoy no longer with the Mormon Church?

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