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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the gold plates vanish the first time they were presented to Smith?
(a) Moroni didn't show him the right ones.
(b) He looked at them before he was instructed to do so.
(c) He couldn't understand them.
(d) There was a time limit on them.

2. What does Krakuer explain is his larger objective in the story of the Laffertys?
(a) To discuss the evolution of religion.
(b) To discuss crime committed in the name of God.
(c) To discuss the necessity of religion.
(d) To discuss he closeness of brothers.

3. Why were the Mormons permitted to settle in Illinois?
(a) They convinced the governor it was holy.
(b) They were good farmers and businessmen.
(c) The state was trying to increase its population.
(d) The state was under Mormon leadership.

4. What did Emma threaten Smith with to get him to stop marrying more women?
(a) She threatened to leave him.
(b) She threatened to sue him.
(c) She threatened to take another husband.
(d) She threatened to start a new religion.

5. According to Debbie Palmer, what made Elizabeth Smart an easy target for abduction?
(a) Her parents didn't pay any attention to her.
(b) She was angry with her parents.
(c) She was very beautiful and kind.
(d) She was taught to be obedient and passive.

Short Answer Questions

1. Missourians disliked that the Mormons came into their state with an attitude of _______.

2. What effect did the Edmunds Tucker Act of 1887 have on the Mormon Church?

3. Why did Dan give up his driver's license and stop paying taxes?

4. After fleeing Illinois, why did Smith return?

5. What was the flaw Krakauer observes in Smith's story of the Lamanites?

Short Essay Questions

1. Was Smith obedient with the angel Moroni? What was the outcome?

2. Why did Joseph Smith return to Illinois?

3. Why was Joseph Smith charged with fraud? How did his treasure business compare with his religious revelation?

4. How does Krakauer build his story?

5. Why was DeLoy no longer with the Mormon Church?

6. How was it possible for Debbie Palmer to be her own step-grandmother?

7. Was Smith a polygamist? According to whom?

8. What is Krakauer's intention with "Under the Banner of Heaven"?

9. According to Krakauer, how different are modern and fundamentalist Mormons?

10. What caused the end of Smith and Law's friendship?

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