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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Woodruff change his position on polygamy?
(a) He was bribed to agree with other people.
(b) He had a meeting with Jesus and Smith.
(c) His wife wanted more women in the family.
(d) He fell in love with another woman.

2. Unhappy with Warren's leadership, what did many predict would happen?
(a) More people would join.
(b) The government would attack them.
(c) People would break away from the church.
(d) A new leader would take over.

3. What did Rulon Jeffs believe about himself?
(a) He was the chosen one.
(b) He was not as great as his father.
(c) He would be the ultimate prophet of the LDS.
(d) He was meant to have many sons.

4. What did Noel Gardner and Richard Wootton explain about Ron's actions?
(a) He believed he was killing his father by killing Brenda.
(b) He was acting out an interpretation of what he'd been taught as a child.
(c) He wanted attention by whatever means necessary.
(d) He was a fanatical believer in God.

5. Why did the judge throw out Ron's first conviction?
(a) The judge felt he wasn't mentally competent.
(b) The judge wanted to see the evidence again.
(c) The judge felt the jury was bribed.
(d) The judge thought he was innocent.

6. What changed in Dan during his road trip with Ron?
(a) He became calm and serene.
(b) He became less sure about their plan.
(c) He became more violent.
(d) He believed more of what Ron said.

7. What dilemma were Mormons faced with after the death of Smith?
(a) Selecting a new prophet.
(b) Where to settle next.
(c) How to change the prayers.
(d) Where he should be buried.

8. What would have been the benefit of Ron using an insanity plea?
(a) He would've had more publicity.
(b) He wouldn't be given the death sentence.
(c) He could have acted however he wanted.
(d) He would have been more sympathetic.

9. What did John Taylor support?
(a) Capitalism.
(b) Monogamy.
(c) Equality.
(d) Polygamy.

10. What relevance did Knapp and Carnes have in the murders?
(a) They were present.
(b) They called the police.
(c) They tried to protect Brenda.
(d) They organized it.

11. What was Ron's attitude at his first trial?
(a) He was verbally abusive to the judge.
(b) He as quiet and patient.
(c) He was strong and defensive.
(d) He was sobbing and apologizing.

12. While Ron and Dan discuss their plan at their mother's house, she is _____ within hearing distance.
(a) Sitting.
(b) Knitting.
(c) Reading.
(d) Sleeping.

13. What was the result of Ron's meeting with his brothers?
(a) He'd converted to their beliefs.
(b) He brought them back to the LDS.
(c) He'd driven them insane.
(d) He lost all hope in his family.

14. Why was the Bateman family on Mount Dellenbaugh?
(a) They were searching for the Dream Mine.
(b) They were planning to settle there.
(c) They were looking for the Francher group.
(d) They were looking for an old signature.

15. What did Young do to the Francher group memorial?
(a) Destroyed it.
(b) Bought it.
(c) Cured it.
(d) Planted flowers nearby.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Lavina Stubbs loose all her money?

2. What did the doctors find about Ron while examining him before his second trial?

3. Who did the Francher group think was attacking them?

4. At first, it was anticipated that _____________was to be Smith's successor.

5. What was Warren's tool for leadership?

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