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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After DeLoy was excommunicated, why did the Mormon Church try to sue him?
(a) He was criticizing the church to the media.
(b) He'd stolen money from them.
(c) He'd broken Mormon laws.
(d) His house was owned by the church.

2. What is the key difference Krakauer cites between the Bible and the Book of Mormon?
(a) The Bible is accepted as fact.
(b) The books cite different eras.
(c) Mormonism is much younger.
(d) The angels discussed are different.

3. For the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, what was Ron's sentence?
(a) The death sentence.
(b) Life in prison.
(c) 50 years.
(d) Probation.

4. Joseph Smith is believed to have practiced ________.
(a) Christianity.
(b) Polygamy.
(c) His speeches.
(d) Celibacy.

5. Whose will did Dan and Ron believe they were carrying out?
(a) Ron's.
(b) Their mother's.
(c) God's.
(d) Onias'.

6. What effect did the strict regulations on sex in fundamentalist communities have, according to Debbie?
(a) Sexual assault was rare and severely punished.
(b) Sexual assault was common amongst teens.
(c) People were afraid of their husbands.
(d) People were much more at ease.

7. Debbie Palmer was her own step-grandmother because polygamist men have the right to marry their ______.
(a) Neighbors.
(b) Step-daughters.
(c) Nieces.
(d) Cousins.

8. According to Krakauer, what makes people today able to identify with Smith?
(a) He left video tapes for his future followers.
(b) He predicted the future.
(c) He's depicted as a real person with flaws.
(d) He made strides in eliminating racism.

9. What did Emma threaten Smith with to get him to stop marrying more women?
(a) She threatened to leave him.
(b) She threatened to start a new religion.
(c) She threatened to take another husband.
(d) She threatened to sue him.

10. Why were people drawn to Joseph Smith?
(a) His creativity.
(b) His worldliness.
(c) His wealth.
(d) His charisma.

11. What job did Debbie's third husband quit?
(a) Being a writer.
(b) Being a priest.
(c) Being a salesman.
(d) Being a plumber.

12. At the School of the Prophets, what practice did Crossfield attempt to reinstate in his students?
(a) Fasts.
(b) Polygamy.
(c) Prayer.
(d) Divorce.

13. According to Krakauer, why did Smart's abduction draw so much attention and a thorough search?
(a) Smart's abductors were famous.
(b) Smart was being forced into a polygamist lifestyle.
(c) Smart's captors wanted ransom money.
(d) Smart's family was wealthier.

14. What is the purpose of the facts Krakauer provides?
(a) It serves as a backdrop.
(b) It enhances his credibility.
(c) It gives credit to the contributors.
(d) It adds extra bulk to the book.

15. What does Krakuer explain is his larger objective in the story of the Laffertys?
(a) To discuss the necessity of religion.
(b) To discuss crime committed in the name of God.
(c) To discuss the evolution of religion.
(d) To discuss he closeness of brothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Law's actions against Smith had little effect on Smith's power, what did it affect?

2. Why did Smith plead guilty to treason?

3. How did Tom Green become the target for David Leavitt's lawsuit?

4. For the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, what was Dan's sentence?

5. What was the flaw Krakauer observes in Smith's story of the Lamanites?

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