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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Debbie decide to flee Bountiful?
(a) She'd cheated on her husband.
(b) Blackmore was abusing her.
(c) Blackmore wanted to marry her daughter.
(d) She'd killed her husband.

2. How was Smith finally able to read the gold plates?
(a) He polished the plates.
(b) Moroni read them to him.
(c) Moroni gave him peep stones.
(d) He learned German.

3. Why were Mormons allowed to settle in Caldwell County?
(a) It wasn't part of the United States.
(b) It wasn't very populated.
(c) Many Mormons already lived there.
(d) It was poor farm land.

4. Dan and Ron believed Brenda and Erica's deaths were _______.
(a) Justified.
(b) Tragic.
(c) Inevitable.
(d) Unremarkable.

5. What is the key difference Krakauer cites between the Bible and the Book of Mormon?
(a) Mormonism is much younger.
(b) The books cite different eras.
(c) The angels discussed are different.
(d) The Bible is accepted as fact.

6. In his revelation, what does Crossfield claim he was told by God?
(a) To kill his wife.
(b) To reform the church.
(c) To raise money.
(d) To follow Smith.

7. After the Edmunds Tucker Act of 1887, what did fundamentalist believe a new prophet would bring?
(a) A new take on government.
(b) Money and celebrity for the church.
(c) The return of polygamy.
(d) A new promise land.

8. Which text was responsible for many of the Laffertys' marriages falling apart?
(a) The Peace Maker.
(b) The Psalm of the School of the Prophets.
(c) The Book of Mormon.
(d) Onias' autobiography.

9. When Linda was asked about her life with Green, her husband, what did she say?
(a) She wasn't abused.
(b) She was afraid of him.
(c) She wanted him to marry more women.
(d) She wanted another husband.

10. Fundamentalists believed the government was an entity of _______.
(a) Satan.
(b) Smith.
(c) Europe.
(d) God.

11. According to Krakauer, why was the search for Ruby Jessop less thorough than for Elizabeth Smart?
(a) Ruby ran away.
(b) Ruby was born into a polygamist family.
(c) Ruby's parents told the police not to.
(d) Ruby was poor.

12. What effect did the Edmunds Tucker Act of 1887 have on the Mormon Church?
(a) It outlawed polygamy.
(b) It invalidated personal revelations.
(c) It recognized the LDS as a legitimate organization.
(d) It legalized polygamy.

13. How did the Mormons respond to being attacked by Missourians in October, 1838?
(a) They prayed.
(b) They tried to surrender.
(c) They fled.
(d) They fought back.

14. Why were Colorado's efforts to get rid of polygamy stopped?
(a) They became distracted by the Civil War.
(b) The Mormons were fueling the economy.
(c) The governor received a revelation from God.
(d) The public was sympathetic to the polygamist families.

15. What was the flaw Krakauer observes in Smith's story of the Lamanites?
(a) They never settled in North America.
(b) They were alive earlier than the story claims.
(c) They had no Hebrew descent.
(d) They were not affiliated with any of the groups Smith claimed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Dan give up his driver's license and stop paying taxes?

2. After loosing 116 pages of the transcribed text from the gold plates, what was the only way Smith said he could view them again?

3. After fleeing Illinois, why did Smith return?

4. According to Krakauer, why is there no proof of Smith's revelation?

5. For the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, what was Dan's sentence?

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