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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Smith sued by his clients for fraud?
(a) He lied about his identity.
(b) He promised them eternal life.
(c) The treasure was fools gold.
(d) He never found any treasure.

2. Joseph Smith was the son of a ______.
(a) Farmer.
(b) Preacher.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Salesman.

3. Why did Rockwell try to kill Missouri's governor?
(a) To free his people.
(b) Rockwell wanted to be governor.
(c) To fulfill Smith's prophecy.
(d) Rockwell was crazy.

4. Krakauer explains that, because of Crossfield, Smith realized the ______ of allowing personal revelations.
(a) Possibility.
(b) Absurdity.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Trouble.

5. In his revelation, what does Crossfield claim he was told by God?
(a) To raise money.
(b) To follow Smith.
(c) To reform the church.
(d) To kill his wife.

6. Why did Debbie decide to flee Bountiful?
(a) Blackmore wanted to marry her daughter.
(b) Blackmore was abusing her.
(c) She'd cheated on her husband.
(d) She'd killed her husband.

7. In "Under the Banner of Heaven," what does Krakauer believe is the biggest disagreement between fundamentalists and modern Mormons?
(a) The location of the Promised Land.
(b) The gender of God.
(c) Polygamy.
(d) Their rights as American citizens.

8. Debbie Palmer was her own step-grandmother because polygamist men have the right to marry their ______.
(a) Neighbors.
(b) Step-daughters.
(c) Nieces.
(d) Cousins.

9. When did Dan Lafferty's life begin to fall apart?
(a) When he lost his arm in a car crash.
(b) When his father died.
(c) When he began to follow fundamentalist ideas.
(d) When his son married a non-Mormon.

10. What did Crossfield teach his students at the School of the Prophets?
(a) How to rebel against the Latter Day Saints.
(b) How to praise God.
(c) How to have personal revelations.
(d) How to reason with politicians.

11. Why did Smith write Section 132?
(a) To give Mormons rights.
(b) To make the LDS a political party.
(c) To make polygamy only apply to men.
(d) To ensure his offspring would lead after him.

12. Krakauer makes the observation that all religions have their share of _______.
(a) Gods.
(b) Idiosyncrasies.
(c) Beliefs.
(d) Discrepancies.

13. Whose will did Dan and Ron believe they were carrying out?
(a) Ron's.
(b) Onias'.
(c) God's.
(d) Their mother's.

14. What was the flaw Krakauer observes in Smith's story of the Lamanites?
(a) They were alive earlier than the story claims.
(b) They were not affiliated with any of the groups Smith claimed.
(c) They never settled in North America.
(d) They had no Hebrew descent.

15. Krakauer describes Watson Lafferty as a ________.
(a) Genius.
(b) Disciplinarian.
(c) Lunatic.
(d) Pacifist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question does Krakauer claim he will answer in "Under the Banner of Heaven"?

2. Why did fundamentalists see accepting government funds as a virtuous act?

3. What is the relationship between Ron and Dan Lafferty?

4. How did the Mormons respond to being attacked by Missourians in October, 1838?

5. Fundamentalists believed the government was an entity of _______.

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