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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Krakauer, why is there no proof of Smith's revelation?
(a) He lost the gold plates.
(b) He lost the translation.
(c) He had to return the gold plates.
(d) He claims the proof is invisible.

2. Fundamentalists believed the government was an entity of _______.
(a) Europe.
(b) Satan.
(c) Smith.
(d) God.

3. What was the flaw Krakauer observes in Smith's story of the Lamanites?
(a) They were alive earlier than the story claims.
(b) They never settled in North America.
(c) They were not affiliated with any of the groups Smith claimed.
(d) They had no Hebrew descent.

4. Krakauer says he will try to explain the ______ of the Lafferty brothers' murders.
(a) Circumstances.
(b) Effect.
(c) Absurdity.
(d) Gravity.

5. After loosing 116 pages of the transcribed text from the gold plates, what was the only way Smith said he could view them again?
(a) If he married Emma Harris.
(b) If he went to the mountain.
(c) If he paid Moroni.
(d) If he prayed ten times a day.

6. Although Law's actions against Smith had little effect on Smith's power, what did it affect?
(a) Relations with Missouri.
(b) His relationship with Emma.
(c) Relations with Illinois.
(d) The unconditional love of his followers.

7. Why was Smith sued by his clients for fraud?
(a) He never found any treasure.
(b) He promised them eternal life.
(c) He lied about his identity.
(d) The treasure was fools gold.

8. How did Dan remember his childhood?
(a) As a traumatic one.
(b) As an unconventional one.
(c) He has no memory of it.
(d) As a happy one.

9. Why were the Mormons permitted to settle in Illinois?
(a) They convinced the governor it was holy.
(b) The state was under Mormon leadership.
(c) They were good farmers and businessmen.
(d) The state was trying to increase its population.

10. Why were Colorado's efforts to get rid of polygamy stopped?
(a) The Mormons were fueling the economy.
(b) The governor received a revelation from God.
(c) The public was sympathetic to the polygamist families.
(d) They became distracted by the Civil War.

11. Why were people drawn to Joseph Smith?
(a) His worldliness.
(b) His wealth.
(c) His creativity.
(d) His charisma.

12. Why did Dan give up his driver's license and stop paying taxes?
(a) He lost all his money.
(b) He was following the early teachings of Mormon.
(c) He was living in the wilderness.
(d) He wanted to prove his love for God.

13. What is the key difference Krakauer cites between the Bible and the Book of Mormon?
(a) The angels discussed are different.
(b) Mormonism is much younger.
(c) The books cite different eras.
(d) The Bible is accepted as fact.

14. According to Krakauer, why did Smart's abduction draw so much attention and a thorough search?
(a) Smart was being forced into a polygamist lifestyle.
(b) Smart's captors wanted ransom money.
(c) Smart's abductors were famous.
(d) Smart's family was wealthier.

15. Why was Law unable to press charges against Smith?
(a) There was no court system.
(b) Smith controlled the courts.
(c) Law wasn't a very good lawyer.
(d) Law had his fair share of bad deeds.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Linda was asked about her life with Green, her husband, what did she say?

2. According to Debbie Palmer, what made Elizabeth Smart an easy target for abduction?

3. How did Smith convince Emma to support his polygamist marriage?

4. What effect did the strict regulations on sex in fundamentalist communities have, according to Debbie?

5. After fleeing Illinois, why did Smith return?

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