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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his revelation, what does Crossfield claim he was told by God?
(a) To reform the church.
(b) To kill his wife.
(c) To raise money.
(d) To follow Smith.

2. What idea of Mormon families was the biggest problem to Debbie Palmer?
(a) The strict rules.
(b) The patriarchy.
(c) The low standards of living.
(d) The number of children.

3. Why did Rockwell try to kill Missouri's governor?
(a) To fulfill Smith's prophecy.
(b) To free his people.
(c) Rockwell was crazy.
(d) Rockwell wanted to be governor.

4. How was Allen Lafferty related to Brenda?
(a) He was her cousin.
(b) He was her husband.
(c) He was her brother.
(d) He was her father.

5. Why couldn't Smith read the inscription on the gold plates?
(a) It was worn.
(b) It was written in Egyptian.
(c) It was written in old English.
(d) It was too bright out.

6. What does Krakuer explain is his larger objective in the story of the Laffertys?
(a) To discuss the necessity of religion.
(b) To discuss crime committed in the name of God.
(c) To discuss the evolution of religion.
(d) To discuss he closeness of brothers.

7. Why did Matilda stay with Dan, despite her issues with his religious practices?
(a) She felt she needed to learn from him.
(b) She agreed with his beliefs for the most part.
(c) She needed money.
(d) He threatened her.

8. According to Krakauer, why is it difficult for young girls to break away from abusive marriages in fundamentalist communities?
(a) The girls are very attached to their families.
(b) There is strict security in the communities.
(c) The girls are raised to comply.
(d) The police are also polygamists.

9. How was Smith finally able to read the gold plates?
(a) Moroni read them to him.
(b) He learned German.
(c) Moroni gave him peep stones.
(d) He polished the plates.

10. Why were Colorado's efforts to get rid of polygamy stopped?
(a) The Mormons were fueling the economy.
(b) The governor received a revelation from God.
(c) The public was sympathetic to the polygamist families.
(d) They became distracted by the Civil War.

11. After fleeing Illinois, why did Smith return?
(a) He missed his home.
(b) To get his family.
(c) He believed he was abandoning his people.
(d) To confess his faults.

12. What question does Krakauer claim he will answer in "Under the Banner of Heaven"?
(a) Why these murders happened.
(b) What defines right and wrong.
(c) What the meaning of life is.
(d) Whom the Lafferty family represents.

13. What did Smith change in his rules for the Mormon Church because of Crossfield?
(a) Only children of current leaders could lead.
(b) Everyone had to have a background check before being accepted into the church.
(c) Church leaders would receive higher salaries.
(d) Only church leaders could have revelations.

14. Krakauer makes the observation that all religions have their share of _______.
(a) Discrepancies.
(b) Beliefs.
(c) Idiosyncrasies.
(d) Gods.

15. Krakauer explains that, because of Crossfield, Smith realized the ______ of allowing personal revelations.
(a) Trouble.
(b) Absurdity.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Possibility.

Short Answer Questions

1. Missourians disliked that the Mormons came into their state with an attitude of _______.

2. How did Smith convince Emma to support his polygamist marriage?

3. Debbie Palmer was her own step-grandmother because polygamist men have the right to marry their ______.

4. Joseph Smith was the son of a ______.

5. Where did Dan first become introduced to the idea of polygamy?

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