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Short Answer Questions

1. How did the daughters of the mothers of the1960's view sex?

2. What was the primary battle between Lessing and her mother centered upon?

3. How old was Jean in the scene that Lessing describes in this chapter?

4. Which of the following was NOT one of the things that Lessing and Frank had in common?

5. When did Gottfried Lessing arrive in Southern Rhodesia?

Short Essay Questions

1. When John was 9 months old, what did Lessing and Frank decide to do?

2. How did John react to the birth of his little sister?

3. Describe Lessing's reaction to the end of World War II.

4. In Chapter 18, what circumstances prevented Lessing from getting much writing done?

5. In Chapter 12, how does Lessing describe her first son, John?

6. Describe the letter Lessing received from her mother in Chapter 9.

7. What conditions did Lessing ponder as possible circumstances that would have changed her views on Communism?

8. Describe Lessing's relationship with Ivy.

9. In Chapter 13, how did Lessing rationalize her decision to leave Frank and their two children?

10. Discuss Lessing's mini-vacation to Capetown.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the way in which Lessing discussed children and childhood in her autobiography. Children appeared throughout the work, as Lessing explored her own childhood, as well as the children who she had with her various partners. How did she present childhood in the text? How did Lessing feel that children should be treated? How did she treat them in her portrayal of them? How did having children affect Lessing's life?

Essay Topic 2

World Wars I and II played a significant role in Lessing's autobiography. Analyze the way in which she grappled with the Wars as historical events; and the repercussions that Europe and the rest of the world faced as a result of those conflicts. How did Lessing portray those effects in the autobiography? How did the Wars differ from other conflicts before them? What was Lessing's opinion regarding those Wars in particular; and the practice of war in general? What reasons did she give for her views on war?

Essay Topic 3

After her experiences of living in Persia and Southern Rhodesia, Lessing formulated an opinion on "The Native Problem" - the dilemma that the English settlers in various Commonwealth holdings experienced in interacting with the people whose lands they occupied. Discuss Lessing's position on "The Native Problem". How did Lessing feel about that particular issue? How did her opinion compare to the opinions of her contemporaries? What was the underlying reasoning for her beliefs? Was she justified in her opinion?

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