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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT one of the things that Lessing and Frank had in common?
(a) Both lived in Persia as children.
(b) Both had seditious thoughts about "The Native Problem".
(c) Both had read the Communist Manifesto.
(d) Both subscribed to the New Statesman.

2. What skills did Lessing teach herself during that year?
(a) Reading and writing.
(b) Sewing and darning.
(c) Cooking and cleaning.
(d) Speed typing and shorthand.

3. What was the name of the building in which Lessing and Gottfried rented their flat?
(a) Grand Meikles.
(b) Cambridge Woods.
(c) Jameson Hotel.
(d) Leander House.

4. What was the highest ambition of Black workers in Salisbury?
(a) To work in a White family's house.
(b) To work for the government.
(c) To work for the telephone company.
(d) To work for the Guardian.

5. Which book on the experience of Communism does Lessing cite in this chapter?
(a) Darkness at Noon.
(b) The Communist Manifesto.
(c) Stalin's journals.
(d) Das Kapital.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lessing describe their sex life?

2. How many eggs did Lessing attend to on the farm?

3. What did Lessing's landlady think about her stream of visitors?

4. Who was the Minister of Finance?

5. What historical event happened just before the birth of Lessing's daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conditions did Lessing ponder as possible circumstances that would have changed her views on Communism?

2. In Chapter 15, what reason did Lessing give for switching law firms?

3. Why did Lessing direct her focus on the Communist ideas that she was developing in this chapter instead of focusing on the events of her life?

4. In Chapter 11, who was Dorothy Schwartz?

5. Describe Lessing's activities in Capetown in Chapter 17.

6. In Chapter 13, how did Lessing rationalize her decision to leave Frank and their two children?

7. Ultimately, why did Lessing think that she and Gottfried were mismatched?

8. Describe the beginning of Lessing's relationship with Gottfried.

9. When John was 9 months old, what did Lessing and Frank decide to do?

10. What did Lessing realize when she was diagnosed with Low Fever and sent to the mountains to recover?

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