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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the editor of The New Rhodesia?
(a) Lessing.
(b) Gottfried Lessing.
(c) N.H. Wilson.
(d) Frank Wisdom.

2. What did all the women assume about Lessing's marriage to Frank?
(a) That they did not love each other.
(b) That they had married too soon.
(c) That their sex life was a failure.
(d) That they fought constantly.

3. What did Sonny Jameson borrow from Lessing?
(a) Her typewriter.
(b) Her short stories.
(c) Her collection of Everyman books.
(d) Her fountain pen.

4. Which activity did Lessing both love and hate?
(a) Knitting.
(b) Walking John in the pram.
(c) Tea parties.
(d) Nursing John.

5. With whom did Lessing talk at the Meikles Hotel Lounge?
(a) An RAF member.
(b) A committed Communist.
(c) A philandering artist.
(d) A former Nazi.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Portuguese woman give to Lessing?

2. Where did Lessing first experience a social event in which she and black people were treated equally?

3. In Chapter 15, whom did Lessing find drinking wine with Gottfried?

4. What did Dr. Rosen suggest to Lessing when she went in for surgery to repair her retroverted uterus?

5. In Chapter 10, which of the following countries was Lessing thinking about as she stood at the edge of the tobacco field?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the feeling that Lessing had before she left Frank.

2. What rationale did Lessing give for her marriage to Gottfried Lessing in Chapter 14?

3. What conditions did Lessing ponder as possible circumstances that would have changed her views on Communism?

4. How did Lessing support herself when she no longer lived with her parents?

5. Describe Lessing's relationship with Ivy.

6. Describe Lessing's decision to marry Frank Wisdom.

7. Describe Lessing's activities in Capetown in Chapter 17.

8. In Chapter 13, how did Lessing rationalize her decision to leave Frank and their two children?

9. In Chapter 12, how does Lessing describe her first son, John?

10. How did Lessing respond to increasing unhappiness with her marital and home situation?

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